Health and Employability among Gypsies and Travelers

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Running head: GYPSIES AND TRAVELERSHEALTH AND EMPLOYABILITY among GYPSIES AND TRAVELERSName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1HEALTH AND EMPLOYABILITY among GYPSIES AND TRAVELERSGypsies and TravelersIt is difficult to define the term Gypsies and travelers since they do not make up ahomogenous group, but instead of different groups with different histories, vultures andbeliefs (like Romany Gypsies, Irish Travelers and Scottish Gypsy Travelers (Comarty 2017).As per Traveler Movement (2017), the Irish Travelers and Romany Gypsies are indigenous(minority) ethnic groups, and have been identified as a part of the British and Irish societiesfor centuries. The ‘nomadism’ is manifested by their way of life, traditions and culture,importance of the extended family, their language, and the nature of their economy (Sheila2015). The travel can also be due to search for jobs or for livelihood.Census on 2011 in the UK showed 63,000 Gypsies and Travelers, of which, 58,000were from England and Wales and 4,000 from Scotland and 1,000 from North Ireland(Comarty 2017).Figure 1: Places where Gypsies and Travelers live; source: (Comarty 2017)
2HEALTH AND EMPLOYABILITY among GYPSIES AND TRAVELERSFigure 2: Number of Gypsies and Irish Travelers per 10,000 people; source: (Comarty 2017)Inequalities Faced by Gypsies and Travelers (200)Comarty (2017), points out that Gypsies and Travelers have faced some of the worstconditions of any ethnic groups on a wide array of social issues. Reports from the Equalityand Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have shown multiple instances of inequalities facedby them. Studies from 2015 indicates a decreased survival chances since the previouslyreview done on 2010. The main factors contributing to this are deprivation, discriminationand social exclusion (Green 2017). The Ministerial Working Group set up in November,2010 aims manage and alleviate the inequalities faced by these groups.The different issues faced by Gypsies and Travelers are Racial Discrimination, HateCrimes, Accommodation, Planning, Healthcare, Education, Employment, Benefits and TaxCredits and Criminal Justice System. The proceeding paragraphs focuses on how the lack of a
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