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Running head: SOCIOLOGYPets and OwnersName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1SOCIOLOGYIntroductionNowadays life is very fast paced and stressful. In order to earn a standardized income,individuals struggle a lot. During this process, the individuals realize the fact that their existenceis a meaningless. This is because what they get is completely different from what they expect. Bythis way, the entertain aspect is completely obliterated. However, means such as television,music, friends, relatives, foods and pets provide the individuals with the much-neededentertainment (Burns 2014). This assignment attempts to find out the position and contribution ofpets into the modern family.Evidence from the Royal FamilyPets can be of various types- cats, dogs, fish, and birds among others. All these pets canbe found in the aristocratic families. Example can be given of the Royal family, where the petslead better lifestyle than the Queen and the Prince. They have separate beddings, which are madefrom cottons. Along with this, they are given custom-made dinners and taken for walks aroundthe Royal Palace. As a matter of specification, the breeds possessed by Queen are dorgis, whosestatus is the same as the family members ( 2017).Along with this, elephants have also found a place within the Royal family of Monaco.This is something like the incidents of the fairy tale. This is because when Princess Stephanieheard that her elephants Nepal and baby are going to die in tuberculosis, she planned to takethem to a ranch until their recovery. Along with this, mention can be made of Princess Eugenie,whose dog had the same name as her boyfriend, Jack Brooksband. The major drive behind thisloyalty, which assisted her to undertake this step ( 2017).
2SOCIOLOGYNotorious yet sweet activities of Lupo keeps Duke and Duchess of Cambridge engagedthroughout the whole day. These activities have enhanced the media presence of Lupo. Marvin,the hamster has added a spark to the royal ambience of the Royal family. Princess charlotte lovesthe way it tickles her face. One of interesting facts about Marvin is that it has a Twitter accountof its own. Passion of Jack Russell Terriers has made the life of Duchess of cornwall full ofhappiness. She reveals a motherly attitude in the care of Beth and Bluebell, her Battersea dogs( 2017). She got them in a worsened condition, which invoked her motherly warmth,care, love and attention.The gift of Ziggy has made the wedding anniversary of Prince Frederik and PrincessMary a memorable one. Since then, Ziggy is getting a royal treatment in the castle ofFredensborg. Her appearance in the Danish magazines has upgraded her status into a nationalcelebrity.Types of breeds and their royal positionPembroke Welsh corgi is a breed, which is much loved by the Queen of England.Stephanie Smith is of the opinion that these breed originated in 1100. The friendliness of thesebreed is flexible enough for adding the spark in the life of the modern family members. Henry Iwas surprised by its active nature and brought it to his home in Flemish (Serpell and Duffy2014). The breed shared its background with its contemporaries like cardigan Welsh corgi;although cardigan is much younger than the breed Pembroke.Greyhound is a world famous dog breed. Aristocracy and greyhound goes side by side.England has special contribution in the development of this breed. Evidences emphasize on 9thcentury, when greyhound made its first emergence. The main form of this evidence is hunting
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