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Study - Key Elements Of Branding

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CONFIDENTIAL Stage 1: Research Ethics Application Form involvingAnimals and Habitats (A&H Stage 1) This form is for research which involves animals and significant habitats. It also includes allthe standard Stage 1 questions as the research may also involve humans or raise otherethical issues. Applicants carrying out research with children or vulnerable adults may also need to carryout an online Safeguarding course and submit the pass certificate with their ethicsapplication. Please refer to the Question Specific Advice for the Stage 1 Research EthicsApplication Form involving Animals and Habitats at: 1: DETAILS OF THE RESEARCHER AND THEIR RESEARCHResearcher details First name Family name Department/Faculty Email address Name of Institution where you study orwork (if not Anglia Ruskin) Are you(please tick relevant box) Undergraduate (UG) Student Postgraduate Taught (PGT) Student Postgraduate Research (PGR) Stud ent Member of ARU Staff Member of ARU Staff carrying out M asters/Doctorate ResearchStudents (including staff proposing research on a course/programme) Your SID Your course/programme title The name of your First Supervisor (forPGR) or Supervisor (for UG and PGT) Research details Title of your research project N.B. For UG/PGT students, this is notthe title of your research module.Impact of branding strategy on consumer buying behaviour: A study on AppleName and institutional affiliation of anyresearch collaborators Date of application Brief Project Summary (up to 700 words). Research BackgroundBranding is considered as one of most critical aspect for every1
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CONFIDENTIAL Please summarise your research innon-specialist language. business in respect to present market conditions. Impact ofbranding strategy on success of every business is also need tobe understand in desired way. It can be referred as one ofrationale behind the study. It has been noticed that branding ofevery business firm is influencing the operations activities(Ghodeswar, 2008). By having advancement in technologythe economic aspects also get enhanced. Consumer intentionfor buying a pro duct and services of Apple can also beunderstand in appropriate manner. It is also considered asanother rationale behind the study. In addition to this, it can be said that present study has beenselected for evaluation of impact of branding on t ehconsumer buying process. Other than this, the reason behindselecting the Apple as an organization is that it is one ofleading business firm in the industry. Along with this,company is also focused towards innovation that impactscustomer perception in diverse manner. By having improvedfocus on the present study the key elements of branding canbe evaluated in appropriate manner (Herstein and Gamliel,2006). It assist businesses to design better branding strategiesso that goals and objectives can be accomplished. It will alsoassist in developing the better academic learning in respect tothe branding. Along with this, company is also having closeobservation of customer needs in order to develop betterproducts and services. It indicates that business firm is havingsustainable development by having understanding ofconsumer buying behaviour.Research aimsResearch is conducted with an aim 'To measureimpact of branding strategy on consumer buying behaviour: Astudy on AppleResearch objectives In order to attain research aims, certain objectives are2
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CONFIDENTIAL developed which are stated below.To critically understand the concept of brandingstrategy in consumer electronics industryTo analyse consumer buying behaviourTo evaluate the impact of branding strategy onconsumer buying behaviourResearch MethodologyResearch approach: In inductive approach the process ofresearch is from specific to general. In this process questionsare prepared and asked to the respondents. In order to analysethe impact of branding strategies on consumer buyingbehaviour, inductive research is taken into consideration.Research design: For the present research proposal,exploratory research is adopted by the researcher. Here, theresearch material will be collected by exploring the new ideasand theories.Data collection: Data collection is the process through whichthe information can be gathered with the effective use ofsources. There are two types of data collection method such asprimary and secondary method. In case of primary, theinformation is collected for the first time with the help of coreresearch. On other side, secondary data is the one in which therequisite informations gathered with the help of existing dataand theories. However, the researcher will visit to the apple'sstore where 50 apple users are taken as the sample. In order togather information, questionnaire will be prepared which willbe filled by the respondents.Sampling: Sampling is the process through which therespondents for the research process are collected. There aretwo sampling methods such as probabilistic and non-probabilistic. However, for the present proposal randomsampling method is being adopted by the researcher. Here, theinvestigator will gather the raw data by visiting at apple store3
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