Study on Las Vegas Mass Shooting

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1Poststructural and postpositivist theories hold that knowledge is not neutral. Representingthe world is done in specific ways and in the process much is left out unrepresented as much ashighlighted. This process is unavoidable, arbitrary as well as political. It is against thisbackground that this paper probes and apply a Poststructural framework to present acomprehensive analysis of the latest Las Vegas’ mass shooting in. It is impossible to foundknowledge purely on experience and systematic structures. I will reject the idea of essential quality of dominant relation in hierarchy but deconstructknowledge systems which generate multiplicity thus singular meaning illusion. Thusunderstanding the mass shooting in this case, it is essential to study both shooting itself andsystems of knowledge which led to the mass shooting. Thus I will levy an attack against thewestern philosophy hegemony; rooted in ideals of enlightenment. It will operate as the criticalframework which is radical philosophy that seeks social change to explain the need for change tounderstand why such mass shooting took place despite the modernism in the US. Modernism presents a fragmented view of human history and subjectivity, yet presentthese fragmentations as something very tragic and which needs to be lamented as well asmourned as a loss (Fierke 2016). Thus works of art can be used to avail unity, coherence as wellas meaning that has been lost in most modern life; thus art can do what human institutions havefailed to do whereas postmodernisms celebrates this idea of fragmentation and hold that theworld is meaningless and needles to pretend that art can make meaning (Fierke 2016). Thus I will employ the postmodernism to establish the unmeaning in meaning and shuntto side concepts of subject and individual embedded in modernism teleological stories. Thus thepost-structural aligns with postmodernism to dismantle Western historiography metanarrative.Thus the latest Las Vegas’ mass shooting disapproves the enlightenment idea that US thought it

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