The Study of Leaders and Leadership Skills

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LEADERSHIP SKILLS1IntroductionThe concept of leadership is omnipresent in contemporary times. The study of leadersand leadership skills provides an in-depth analysis of various aspects with the help of whichan individual could achieve goals that he or she aims for. Nowadays, in the businesscommunities the terms of ‘leaders’ and ‘leadership’ is highly popularized as these define andshape the structure of a business or a company for the long run. Many believe that leaders areborn and not made; however, some of the concepts present differ with this statement(Fischer,2016). In my opinion, the leadership skills can be developed over the period. Thus, it can berightly said that leaders and leadership skills can be acquired. Hence, leaders are born andmade as well.Situational ApproachSituational approach is the most widely popularized approach. It describes me best asa leader since it believes in the fact that a leader can adapt with the changing circumstances.Hence, any situation that comes in the way, a leader has to act according to it. In order toaccomplish the goals one has to evolve and amend his or her approach and style with theever-evolving business environment. The core idea of this approach is how the varied natureof followers affects the style of a leader and how rapidly a leader amend his or her leadershipskills with the varied nature of the followers. This approach heavily depends on the way aleader functions in handling his or her followers. The theory developed by Hersey andBlanchard have gone through various substantive amendments and thus making this approachslightly unreliable (Thompson, G., & Glasø, 2015). However, the approaches central idea hasremained the same, which have practical and realistic ideology to it. This makes thisapproach widely used. Leaders have to be flexible enough to change their style in order to
LEADERSHIP SKILLS2handle distinctive circumstances. In my opinion this approach describes me the best as aleader.Distinguished Leadership TraitsA leader does have some traits in him or her that makes him or her take the position ofan in charge and take the entire crew towards the road to success. Some of the key leadershiptraits that I possess are as follows:Honestyis something, which in recent times is not found abundantly. Many believethat honesty is not a trait that is significant in the field of business. However, I standto oppose this statement, as I believe that many great leaders road to success was withthe implementation of honest intentions that they had towards achieving their goal.An honest opinion as well as feedback shall refrain the future drama that might giverise to chaos and conflict in the group or team (Nichols, 2016). Honesty is one of thedistinguished leadership trait that I possess.Self-managementis one of the significant attribute, which in my opinion is necessaryto be present in a leader. A leader manages and holds together the variedcharacteristics of followers together and strives forward towards fulfilling the goals. Ifa leader is not able to manage his or her own self then it is impossible for him or herto manage the others (Northouse, 2017). Self-management involves prioritizing thegoals and act towards fulfilling those goals.A leader’s vision should be able to look into the future as well. This simply means aleader should have avision to foresee the future. This involves predicting thepossible threats that the company may face (Furtner, Rauthmann & Sachse, 2015). Italso involves taking necessary precautions while performing the current task. Inaddition to this, a leader must always have a backup plan prepared. I as well have the
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