Management of Patient’s Records

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Management of Patient’s RecordsArchive RecordsProcess of removing thepatient’s file from the mainfiling system and storingthem in a separate storageplaceImportant procedure toassure that there is enoughspace for the new files andthe flow of information.Files should be archived at aregular basis.Retention of recordsKeeping the medical recordsof the patient is a vital part ofthe healthcare.The nurses should also beaware of the legalrequirements of the practicesrequired in the record-keeping.Medicare and VeteranAffairs DocumentationMedical records arealso an importantsource ofcommunicationbetween the medicalnurses.It is important toensure that the healthcare records of thepatients should anaccurate informationregardingthetreatment, planningand the delivery of thehealthcare services.The patient’s recordshould be written withthe involvement ofboth patient and themedical practitionerand provide a clearevidence of the careplanned, decisionsmade and the eventshared.Closure of a health care facilityThe archived files are notdestroyed and are availablewhenever required.If the patient returns to thehealthcare facility, theserecords can be restored(Read & Ginn, 2010).
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