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Marketing Strategy Memo1MARKETING STRATEGY MEMOby [Name]CourseProfessor’s NameInstitutionLocation of InstitutionDate
Marketing Strategy Memo2EXECUTIVE MEMODATE: October 30, 2017TO: Mr. Jim Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, AAARE: AAA Marketing Program AnalysisHello, consider the following general goals the company should focus on to meet itsdevelopmental objectives.Marketing goalsBuild-increase awareness of the companyAccording toTsimonis and Dimitriadis (2014),this company can adopt differentstrategies to market its brands to the world. These strategies can include, , creating social mediapresence, sponsoring public events, leveraging the web, advertising using traditional methods, ,and displaying our products in prominent stores. Since many people use social media, creatingsocial media pages such as Facebook and Instagram will help reach many people all over theworld. Besides, sponsoring events such as sports will enable many people to be aware of thecompany and its products. Moreover, being that many people are committed, using traditionaladvertising methods such as print media and television will help reach majority of people.Increasing market shareThis company can increase its market share by acquiring competitors, engaging in smarthiring practices, strengthening customer relationships, and fostering innovation in carrying outactivities (Ghosh 2004).As such, the company will control the bigger part of the market.
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