A Study on Marks and Spencer : Assignment

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Research Proposal FormStudent Name: ______________________Student ID:____________Centre Name: _____________________Tutor: ________________Date:___________________Unit: ____________________Proposed Title: ______________________________________________Section One: Title, objective,responsibilitiesTitle or working title of theresearch project (in the form of aquestion, objective or hypothesis)Globalization is termed as procedure ofeffective collaboration betweenindividuals, organization andgovernment across national boundaries.The concept simply interconnectsinternational economies with theintegration of markets. It is beneficialfor business organizations who wishesto expand their operational activities atnational level by allowing them toaccess maximum customers. Apart frommajor benefits of globalization, the maininfluences of this concept can be seenover corporate structure of company.Research Aim: The impact ofglobalization on the corporatestructures of large multinationalcompanies and the major challengesthey face. Main aim of this research is“To determine the impact ofglobalization on corporate structure ofMNCs and major challenges faced bythem” A Study on Marks and Spencer.Research objectives (e.g what is
the question you want to answer?What do you want to learn how todo? What do you want to find out?):To determine the concept ofGlobalization.To evaluate various challenges faced byMarks and Spencer while expandingTheir business at global level.To analyses influence of globalization oncorporate structure of Marks andSpencer.Research QuestionsWhat is the concept of Globalization?What are the various challenges facedby Marks and Spencer while expandingtheir business at global level?How globalization influences corporatestructure of Marks and Spencer?1.3 Background of researchAn organization having variousdepartments and business units whichalign effectively for attainingorganizational goals are termed ascorporate structure. Here, collaborativeefforts of company could get affectedbecause of international expansion(Brown, 2017). Thus, it is essential forbusiness manager to maintain effectivecollaboration among all so that theirtargets could not get affected becauseof international expansion.Section Two: Reasons for choosingthis research projectReasons for choosing the project
(e.g links to other subjects you arestudying, personal interest, futureplans, knowledge/skills you want toimprove, why the topic isimportant):The major motive choosing this topic forconducting investigation is to identify variouschallenges faced by large scale companies at thetime of expanding business at international scale.This investigation will allow researcher indeveloping their own knowledge on globalizationand various kind of changes that it brings incorporate structure. It can also be said that scopefor this investigation is quite broad becauseresearcher could also approach this company forstarting their professional career. Apart from this,personal interest of investigator is to groom theirown skills that is beneficial for their careergrowth. Some of the main personal skills thatcould be developed by conducting thisinvestigation are team working skill, analytical,communication, convincing etc.Section Three: Literature sourcessearchedUse of key literature sources tosupport your research question,objective or hypothesis:Concept of globalizationAccording to point of view ofRangarajan, (2019), the term globalization isdefined as an combination and integration ofdifferent economies as well as societies throughacross all country by full flows of information,goods and services, ideas & innovations,technologies, capital, finance as well as humanresource. The essence or center of globalization isconnectivity or connection with all countries.Thus, the cross border integration can havedifferent several dimensions which includescultural, political, social and the most importanteconomic factor (Batta, 2016).Various challenges faced by Marks and Spencer
while expanding their business at global levelAccording to thought of Akindele, Gidadoand Olaopo (2016), it is said that there are variouschallenges that are faced by an organization whileit is operating at global level. Doing business atglobal level is a worthy endeavor but it has somechallenges too. The first thing is that companieshave to make effective plans and strategies beforeentering into foreign markets. The biggestchallenge is absence of physical presence.Although there is presence of internet andtelephones, but the physical presence of leaders ismore important. The next challenge is culturaldiversity. If the country in which Marks andSpencer will establish its market must havecommon behaviors and cultures(Boussebaa,2015).Influence of globalization on corporate structureof Marks and SpencerAs per the opinion of Rossi, Lipsey andHenry, (2018), it has been said that corporatestructure plays very complex and crucial role.Organizational structure of the company mainlylinks with the different departments oforganization, its function and many more. It hasalso been analyzed that if organization does notcreate its own structure then it will develop it byits own. It has been identified that each and everyorganization have their own culture, beliefs andvalues which assist in attaining variousopportunities at the marketplace. In the presentcontext of globalization it has been said that it isthe factorWhich highly affects the business function and itsstructure while expanding organization atinternational marketplace (Brown, 2017).Section Four: Activities andtimescalesActivities to be carried out during the research project(e.g research, development and analysis of ideas,writing, data collection, numerical analysis, tutormeetings, production of final outcome, evaluation,How long this
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