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Study on Nation, Power and Difference

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Added on  2020-05-01

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Running head: NATION, POWER AND DIFFERENCENation, Power and DifferenceName of the UniversityName of the StudentAuthor note
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1NATION, POWER AND DIFFERENCEIntroduction Australia has had a dark history since the time of the European settlers. It was inherentlythe land of the Aboriginals, the earliest inhabitants of Australia, who are supposed to havearrived some 50, 000 years ago( 2017). During the late 18th century, the Britishstarted claiming supremacy over Australia and started using as an outpost for British convicts.By the start of the 20th century, people of British descendants dominated almost entire Australianpopulation. Overview of the online postsWhiteness as a standardized privilegeThe online posts discus whiteness as a general term used for all the white people acrossthe globe. The first online post throws light on the privileges white people get over people ofdifferent color with references from the film, “The Color of Fear”. The post further explains theaccess white people have to resources and power. The bridge between the whites and othercolored people have expanded to such an extent that it has come to a point where white peoplenow consider privileges as something normal which they are ought to get.The invisible ‘others’The second post explores the atrocities and neglect the ‘other’ colored people receivedfrom the colonial times to the present age of globalization. In explaining the present condition ofthe ‘other’ people, a comparison has been drawn between the white people and people ofdifferent color. While the whites enjoy the liberty to voice their opinion, different colored peopleare silenced (Moreton-Robinson 2015). The post also talks about the influence of historicalprogress on the current predicament of the different colored people.
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2NATION, POWER AND DIFFERENCEIgnoring the colored peopleThe third post highlights the scary factor of colored individuals being ignored based ontheir skin color and undermining their potential. Further, the post draws on the views expressedby Kendall, where he says that white people are regarded as normal people demarcating theothers as not normal. The post also discusses how arrogant white people can be and how they caneasily ignore anything that the different colored individual has to say.Hopes for a better futureIn the fourth post, a better future for the people of different people especially in Australiahas been advanced. Australia too suffers from the evil of racism although it has not come to thesurface to catch world attention (Hollinsworth 2013). The post also gives an insight into thefuture possibilities of an equal nation. The idea of an equal nation with equal power sharingbetween the original inhabitants of Australia and the later settlers is going to be difficult but notimpossible. An important has been highlighted in the post where it has been mentioned that theindigenous Australians must not only be given the power to voice their opinion, but it must alsoallow them to disintegrate the Australian National Identity.Issues that needed emphasis After going through all the four online posts on whiteness and Australia as a white nation,I have found that it highlighted many areas concerning racism but there must have been abroader description of racism issues in Australia. Moreover, the fourth post emphasizes on whatAustralia as a nation must do to abolish racism but in my view, it must have mentioned the waysto do it. Australia has not been an easy country for people of other races but it is graduallymoving towards that direction. Apart from that, the post also talks about the balance of power
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