Study on Health Needs of the Students

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Study on Health Needs of the Students

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Study on Health Needs of the Students_1
Health promotional activities of the community are based on the felt needs of the concerned
community. Whoop-Whoop is an urban locality situated in Central West part of New South
Wales, Australia. Administration of Whoop-Whoop is controlled and maintained by local
government of the area. Health and social care sector of these area holds huge employment
and development opportunities for the community people (Law et al. 2016). Development of
the Whoop-Whoop community is recently getting highly influenced by the movements of the
students of the Orange Campus. This university is consists of local and international students
gradually engaging themselves in the health promotional activities of the local area. Needs of
the students are connected with the needs of the local community. Students who are outsiders
are getting influenced by the needs of the Whoop-Whoop community. Aim of this study is to
interpret and consider the health needs of the students staying and reading in the Orange
i. Discuss the types of community characteristics you need to consider to gain an
understanding of the Whoop-Whoop local government area and the student body at the
Orange University
Not all the communities of Australia enjoy same health status. Some communities have to
face poorer health issues due to their inappropriate health behaviour. Health promotion
practitioner explored local characteristics and behaviour of the community in order to
develop better understanding of the local area and of the students of Orange University.
Uneven Income Distribution:
Poor income distribution can be considered as the potential cause of poor health standard of
Whoop-Whoop community. Poor income status of the community prevents community
people to access opportunities of life and development (Siefried et al. 2017). People living in
these community isolated themselves from the broader society and are less likely to
understand the importance of social connections.
Impact of Residential Area:
Residential status of the Whoop-Whoop community is relatively poor than other communities
of Australia. In Australia, people living in disadvantaged area are more prone to health
Study on Health Needs of the Students_2
related crisis. Disadvantaged area includes the crisis of space, light, healthy sanitation
practices etc.
Though not all, but many of community people of Whoop-Whoop are involved in hazardous
occupations. As an example, people who works in mines are certainly prone to hazardous
diseases. Occupation of the local people have direct connections with the health standard of
the community people (Nicholas and Welters, 2017).
Educated people are expected to have clear vision of life as well as health than uneducated
ones. That is why, this study is aiming to interpret the needs of the students of local
university and communities as well in order to develop health promotional strategies for the
development of local communities. Having poor socio-economic background of the local
community people prevent them to access educational facilities of the society.
Build Environment:
Build environment of a community is based on connectivity and conveyance facilities
available in the concerned localities. It determines the ability of the community people to
move around in order to access facilities available for them (Ting et al. 2016). Poor physical
characteristics of the locality influences the health standard of the Whoop-Whoop community
Life Expectancy:
According to the Life Expectancy indexes of the Whoop-Whoop community, female
members of the community live longer than the male ones. In spite of that, women of the
concerned community are more likely to need better health and social care services.
Cultural Influences:
Cultural practices of the community control the health behaviour of the community. It
determines the way people will response to diseases and also to the health services available
in the community.
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