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Running head: DEVELOPMENTDEVELOPMENTName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1DEVELOPMENTDevelopment can be defined as the procedure which helps in creation of growth andprogress as well as positive changes or the addition of economic, environmental, physical as ellas a social and different demographic components. The main purpose of the development can bedetermined by the rise in the level as well as the quality of life in the population. It also coversthe expansion of the different local regional incomes as well as different employmentopportunities of individuals. (Johnson, Robertson and Cooper 2017). This should not howevermean damaging the resources of the environment. Development includes an aspect of qualitychange along with the creation of conditions that are required for continuation of changes.I have appreciated the work of Amartya Sen who has provided the capability approach.This can be defined as the tool which enables people to reach their highest levels of ability. Thisaccording to him can be done by granting freedom through actions which may include freedomof economic, social as well as family actions. This approach had been made a basis for themeasurement of development as Human Development Index called the HDI by the UnitedNations in the year 1990. On the personal front, development mainly comprises of the activitieswhich help in improving our awareness and identity (Ross et al. 2014). This help in developingthe talent and the potential of the individual. It also helps in building of human capital andfacilitating employability. All these aspects of development are needed to ensure enhancement ofquality lives and also contribution to realization of different dreams that we possess.As an individual, I have noted several areas where I need to take initiatives to develop myself toreach my potential as a student. The first factor which I believe is very important fordevelopment is self awareness. Being aware of the negative and positive aspects about own selfand trying hard to overcome the barriers towards success and achieving potential is veryimportant as it marks and important pathway to success (Paris and Santario 2015). Previously, I
2DEVELOPMENTused to take life as it used to offer me or affect me. I was not self aware and therefore could notjudge the initiatives I take while completing my task in life. With the help of self reflectionstrategies, I have learnt to develop my self-awareness skills which had made me develop mycritical analyzing skills. This had helped me to think rationally before undertaking a task andhence the chances of making mistakes had lessened.The term development is intricately associated with knowledge and over the years, experts haveadvised of every individual in gaining knowledge to develop their skills and exhibit betterworkmanship (Driesson and vanTartwijk 2013). However, I believe that only gatheringknowledge is not enough in developing oneself. Rather the individual should pass throughvarious experienced where he should apply the knowledge in order to make the use of theknowledge gathered and to test his or her own capability. Applying knowledge learnt ininstitutions or workplaces in practical lives and handling situations effectively helps in meetingthe main aim of development.Another interesting factor associated with development is that taking initiatives that wouldinvolve overall development of lifestyles and social outlook of people. For this, it becomes veryimportant for the individual to not only pressurize more important in development of financialcondition (Chou et al. 2014). There are many individuals who believe that financial developmentmay lead to lifestyle developments. However this is not true in all the cases as I haveexperienced many scenarios where a rich individual is not still happy with the development inhis life. This is mainly because lifestyle factors also include maintaining physical health andmental health in the proper ways. An individual who undertakes proper diets, exercises and leadslife in a disciplined manner can ensure development of his lifestyles which brings happiness andprosperities.
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