Study on Recycling Of Computers

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Running head: MEMO1
MEMO2MEMOTo: ManagementSubject: Recycling Of ComputersDate: 27thOctober 2017From:The main purpose of this research is to explore how disposal and recycling of computersaffect the environment. Explore whether it affects the environment negatively or positively. Inthis case as the assistant of the writing lab faculty chair am concerned on how Bellevue collegecomputer disposal negatively impacts the environment.During the research, I will explore whether there is a better policy for disposing of oldcomputers. Find out whether the computers can be donated to institutions or given for charity,find out other options which are safe. I will also come up with a way to determine when outdatedcomputers are ready to be disposed of[ CITATION IF11 \l 1033 ].In computer disposal, several measures should be followed and in Bellevue College is noexception to this. In order to make and ensure our environment is safe, waste products of thesecomputers should be done properly.There are several ways of disposing of outdated computers but in Bellevue, the best method iscrushing the computer parts in a landfill.This ensures all computer equipment disposal is done ina manner which is environmentally safe. It prevents releasing of CRTs materials which causesserious health problems[ CITATION IF11 \l 1033 ].
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