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STUDY SKILLS2Introduction.Study skills are very important in the current education systems. This is because, it provideguidance on what a student expect to find in the institution of higher learning. Therefore, anindividual willing to join the university education is highly advised to apply the study skills so asto have a prior expectation of the course of study in the university. This also make the studentunderstand the areas of application for the study course under consideration. Again, the student isable to have a plan in the process of learning and the advantages as well as disadvantages offollowing HE course. The purpose of this report is to critically analyze the opportunitiesavailable in HE along with the advantages and disadvantages associated to HE course. Finally,the report will consider the SWOT analysis and Kolb’s cycle and their underlying importance.This will recommend the student on whether to join the university or not.Advantages of following HE course.The education offered in the university by higher education is with no doubt a very importantinstrument that can be used to assist student to cope up with the modern life. Typically, it hastremendous effects to personal development, career aspirations, and financial implication as wellas in personal circumstances. This in return enacts way to shape your future because studyingand education play a very crucial role in career building (Maslow 2013). This makes theuniversity education very important in the job markets. In that connection, the followingadvantages of following HE course will in detailed form clearly as distinctly prove the claims.1.Accessibility.In this study course, there are a number of online courses that can help students to fullyenroll in classes at numerous timeframes during the academic year as well as to terminatethe required tasks for the specific course during the own appropriate time (Marylene2014). It has become easy to undertake these courses at the same time performingpersonal aspects such as work, relating with family as well as performing some personalcommitments.2.Reduced cost.There has been creation of marketplace where majority of the students in the universitiesare able to participate in many courses that are offered by the institutions of higher
STUDY SKILLS3education (Ryan & Deci 2017). This has been achieved due to increased competitivenessfor online courses in these institutions due to increased number of students willing toundertake them.3.Options.There are many options that are being used in the modern world to obtain universitydegree. In that connection, many universities and colleges have incorporated the conceptof flexibility that aim at offering suitable programs. This include administration of onlineand semi-online classes (Kanungo & Manuel 2014). In addition, a lot of students arepreferring weekend as well as traditional classes so as to attend other personalcommitments such as family, work and personal development.Disadvantages of following HE course.In this case, the higher education course as well indicate some disadvantages that may affect thestudent career aspiration, personal development, financial implications along with personalcircumstances. Therefore, these disadvantages may delay the process of learning as well aspersonal development to the individuals. These disadvantages are described below.1.Risks.Many of students in HE are fully capitalizing in this course. However, it is important tonote that these opportunities may come along with risks as well (Thomas 2009).Therefore, the students need to realize that the HE course can possess the buyer bewarewarning label that can be associated with higher education.2.Cost.The education offered in colleges is associated with high costs. In that connection,majority of the people in the world today are living in the middle class era. This impliesthat, there is inadequate money to fully pay for the education (Arnold 2010). In that case,many opt to take loans so as to supplement what they earn in workplace so as to fullyfinance the education. These loans have a gross period of one year. If an individual is notable to secure a job within that timeframe, there are high chances of penalties that are noteasily payable without a paycheck.3.Coherence of the degree program.
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