Literature Review on Social Corporate Responsibility

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Study Skills
Study skills are the most important approach which handle the functions ofmanaging and taking in new information or dealing with various calculations.These skills are essential for enhance the individual’s ability to study, retain orrecall information which provide learning concepts like time management andmotivational techniques. Through this concept a person can learn anything inregards with their study material and also can get motivated with correctinformation in a right manner. Therefore, study skills help in making the readingroutine in order to create the best use of it and also helpful for reading selectivedata effectively in order to obtain retain information. This present report is basedon corporate social responsibility which provides the information that howorganizations manages their business in an effective manner. Along with this,report will discuss about the literature reviews and their achievements in context ofCSR (Aguinis and Glavas, 2012). P1. Explain literature review and what does it achieve
Literature review is scholarly paper which involves in the current information like findings andtheoretical or methodological contribution to a specific topic. These are the secondary sourceswhich is associated with the practical work. In the other words literature review is thecomprehensive summary of previous research on a specific topic and usually review of literaturesurveys on different articles, books and journal on the particular area of research in anappropriate manner. Literature review mainly considered few types such as evaluative,instrumental and exploratory these are helpful for identifying the good research for a particularproject. There is also another type that is systematic review which is categories separately but itis also very necessary for analyzing the high quality research evidence and lot of argumentsrelated with relevant data (Deng, Kang and Low, 2013). This process of literature review needs aseveral types of activities and different ways of thinking for creating, developing and generatingthe good research in an appropriate manner. On the other hand review article is also the part ofliterature review which analyzes the present study or research project. This also focused on theprevious published studies for making the new report, so that is also known as survey article thatidentifies different things like necessary gaps in the research, present database and offers lot ofthoughts or ideas for conducting the research in a good manner. A good literature reviewjustified the reason for research which depends on the individuals as they defined the variousapproaches, journals and database etc. so that literature review always allows them in order toestablish their theoretical framework in an attractive way. That’s why there are some objectives of literature reviews such as it is helpful in order toanalyze the variances in previous studies and progress overtime that is based on the currentreport. It is also able to collect more information about the current research report or projects. Ithelps in evaluating the theoretical framework in present report. It covers relevant methodologiesof research that is methods, various approaches that have been made for research studies likeidentification of surveys instruments for making the report attractive. Commonly literaturereview differentiates several approach or arguments in order to demonstrate individual’s thinkingon the particular matter. It also helps in ignoring plagiarism. Therefore, literature reviews arevery important part of every research paper in an effective manner. There are some achievements of literature review in order to gain proper knowledge ofunderstanding of existing research and database with a specific topic and area of research;therefore there are some achievements which are given below:Firstly it helps in order to achieve foundation of knowledge on the particular topicIt is also achieve the functional or appropriate research of prior scholarship inorder to prevent the credit of other members.It also helps in achieving the gaps in research, conflicts in previous researchstudies and so on.It also helps in achieving the requirement for additional research in other wordsfor justifying the research project report.

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