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Added on - May 2020

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1SOCIAL MEDIA AS MARKETING TOOLIntroductionTechnology is one of the key factors that are having huge contribution in changing theexisting business scenario for the contemporary business organizations. In the current state ofaffairs, business organizations initiate the use of technologies in enhancing the convenience oftheir customers along with gaining competitive advantages in the market (Nguyen, Newby &Macaulay, 2015). One of the key and effective technologies being used by the contemporarybusiness organizations is the social media. In the recent times, social media emerged as one ofthe key effective tools for the business organizations for enhancing their marketing activities.This is due to the reason that use of social media for the marketing activities will help thebusiness organizations in effectively engaging with their target customers (Erdogmus & Cicek,2012). This essay will discuss about the effectiveness of the use of social media in the marketingactivities along with determining the limitations of the concept.Importance of customer engagementContemporary business organizations have to compete and operate in the intenselycompetitive business environment due to the having the presence of competitors operating in thesimilar sector (Mithas, Tafti & Mitchell, 2013). Thus, engaging the customers along witheffectively determining the requirement of the customers is having much importance for thebusiness organizations. Thus, business organizations initiate various tools and procedures inorder to effectively engage with the customers. In this case, social media will be beneficial forthe business organizations. This is due to the reason that, involvement of social media such asTwitter and Facebook will help the business organizations to engage with their target customerseffectively. As stated by Bashar, Ahmad and Wasiq (2012), involvement of social media as
2SOCIAL MEDIA AS MARKETING TOOLmarketing tool will be beneficial due to the reason that, it involves two way communications.According to the authors, social media marketing involves two way communications mechanism,where both the customers and the organizations can able to communicate with each othereffectively. For instance, social media such as Facebook will enable the business organizations toadvertise their products or services along with attracting the live responses from the probablecustomers. Customers will have the opportunity to provide their feedback regarding theadvertised offerings in the social media. Afterwards, business organizations can communicatewith the particular respondent to further determining his requirement and expectation (Gu & Ye,2014).Thus, with the help of the social media advertising or marketing, business organizationswill have the opportunity to gather the feedback from their target market and accordinglymodifying the products to meet the latest requirement. In addition, the authors also stated that,initiation of these engagements will have positive impact on enhancing the loyalty andsatisfaction level of the customers. This is due to the reason that, initiation of modifying thecustomer offerings according to the gathered feedback will help the organization to meet themarket requirement effectively. Moreover, according to the authors, the more be the engagementwith the customers, the more will be brand awareness among the target market. Thus, havingmore brand awareness will have positive impact for the potential of the business.Huge market potentialityAs discussed earlier, contemporary business organizations have to compete in intenselycompetitive market scenario. Thus, with having strategies for retaining the existing customers,they also need to attract more number of new customers in order to increase their market
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