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1BANGKOK TOURISMTourism has experienced a phenomenal growth in today’s world (Benavides-Velasco,Quintana-García and Marchante-Lara 2014). With over 600 million of travelers travellingannually, tourism industry is the largest industry in the world, with total revenue of nearabout half of one trillion dollars per year and five percent of annual growth on an average.There are several popular tourist destinations around the world and Bangkok is one amongthem. Bangkok is one of the most famous tourist destinations located in South East Asia andit is considered as one of the top ten most attractive cities in the world. This essay is going toelaborate on how tourism has developed in this city and the various factors that is making thisplace attractive to the visitors. It will also focus on the role of a specific hospitality industryof Bangkok and its operations concerning its conferences, events, tour operations,accommodation and restaurants. Furthermore, the principles of sustainable tourism that areevident within the Bangkok are also discussed briefly.Bangkok is very popular for its hospitality industries, both for leisure travel as well asfor business (McDowall and Lin 2015). One will never feel bored if he gets an opportunity toexplore this friendly and exotic city. In 1960s, the country Thailand became a major touristhotpot due to the Vietnam War. The stable political atmosphere of the country has attractedmany veterans and US soldiers for recuperation and rest. The other factors include thefavorable geographic position of the country, global mass tourism, which has increasedrapidly and the successful struggle with the natural as well as manmade disasters (Avrahamand Ketter 2016). Beside the support from the United States, Thailand has a very stablepolitical atmosphere and the Bangkok operated and functioned as a global air hub at the timeof Vietnamese war. Good geographic condition and position of the city itself brings manydemands. At the same time, the global economy has developed steadily with the passage ofyears. People at that time used to have more money than ever before. With the same, thetechnology and every other relevant condition are now improved to a great extent and this has
2BANGKOK TOURISMincreased the price of every single thing. During those times, people not only had time andmoney but also they were able to travel often in cheaper and faster method. At present time,the increase in demands has rapidly boosted the growth of Thailand’s hospitality industry,which in turn has boosted the hospitality industry of Bangkok, one of the modern cities ofThailand as well as the famous tourist hub. However, the country’s tourism industry is not afive-day’s wonder. Tourism has grew stably in Thailand. From the year 1980 to 1987, thetourist numbers has grown to 10% and by 2007, it was observed that the same had increasedto 360%. Today, not only the international tourists love to visit the place but the domestictourists, belonging from the other cities of Thailand too visits Bangkok and thus, the domestictourism too blooms well in the city. Meanwhile, the tourism industry in the country has notgrown so well smoothly without any obstacle. The people who love to travel in this place aremainly attracted for its unique Asian culture. Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos too have openedtheir markets of tourism with the passing of years and they are considered as the majorcompetitors of the Thailand hospitality industry. In order to attract more and more visitors tovisit the country, Thailand is continuously competing with these countries and hence in thisprocess it is enhancing and expanding its tourism industry as well. It has targeted the severaltypes of niche markets like the golf holidays and the medical trips. In the year 2000, asLeonardo Dicaprio made his film shooting in the Maya Bay, it has become one of the majortourist attractions in the country and that was probably one of the best as well as effectiveadvertising for the tourism industry of Thailand during that period.The tourism industry of Thailand is one of the main economic sectors that isaccounting for about 6 to 7 percent of its total GDP. The revenue had reached 71 billiondollars in the year 2016, with 65 billion dollars coming from the international markets andrest from its domestic market. With the same, it has also been observed that the daily tourist
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