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Submission 4: Database Creation and SQL Queries

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Added on  2019-09-16

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This article provides information about Submission 4 of the INDIVIDUAL coursework, which involves creating a database and writing SQL queries. It includes details about the requirements and marking scheme for the task, as well as guidance and examples to help students understand what is expected of them.

Submission 4: Database Creation and SQL Queries

   Added on 2019-09-16

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Submission 4: Database Creation and SQL Queries_1
Submission 4 INDIVIDUAL: The Database (32%)Deadline: Friday 31st March 2017 (week 24)Submission: Via CAM (changed 23/03/17)- Submit an A4 printout which contains all of yourSQL for the database creation and your queries including screenshots (see below)Note: Prior to beginning work on Submission 4 you are advised to look at the feedback youobtained for submission 1-3 AND to look at the model ERD answer which will be issued 21 workingdays after the deadline for submission 3. Then do either of the following:1.Use the model ERD to implement your database (with or without improvements)2.Use YOUR ERD to implement your database (with or without improvements)Task 5: Database Creation1)Within your VM, createa folder called INDADD cswk(this is no longer required - changed 23/03/17)2)In that folder create a database called UP654321db3)Populate your database with relevant (where possible) or dummy data. Foreachtable,atleast10records/tuples shouldbeinserted, whereverpossible. Create all of the tables you willneed (based on your ERD - see note above)4)Your submission mustinclude a screen capture of the SQL you use to create and populateyour database. [8 Marks]Guidance: Your database should be based around your ERD although it is fine to adapt/change itfollowing feedback or more thought. If in doubt, ask your tutor. You will need to consider thingssuch as good attribute names, using the correct data types, limiting the size or range of inputs,declaring primary and foreign keys and any constraints. We will also consider the efficiency andlayout of your SQLMarking Scheme:MarkCriteria7-8Database successfully created with all relevant attribute names, keys, data types, limitsand constraints. Tables populated with 10+ records with relevant/dummy data. Excellentcode layout5-6Database successfully created with attribute names, keys, data types but withwrong/missing limits and constraints. Tables populated with 7+ records with generallyrelevant/dummy data. Good code layout3-4Database successfully created with errors in attribute names, keys, or data types andmissing most limits and constraints or perhaps most there but with errors. Tablespopulated with generally relevant/dummy data. 1-2Database attempted but doesn’t work or successfully created but not populated0Nil submission or major errorsTask 6: SQL QueriesWrite 4 queries for your database that support the needs of the business. 2
Submission 4: Database Creation and SQL Queries_2

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