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2019Miss Mehwish JawaidSECTION-HAbeera Nauman 17U00495Khawaja Ameer Hamza Tayyab17U00401Minahil Adil17U00134Minel Amjad17U00552Numra Zaheer17U00123Submission No.2Services Marketing
ShapesActive Lifestyle1.Briefly introduce the company with its Core services and Supplementary Services.The establishment of Shapes in the early 90s was inspired by the notable lack offitness facilities coupled with the lack of the required equipment. The club was launchedin the heart of Lahore and since then it has grown considerably in terms of memberstrength, services and recognition. Therefore, Shapes is considered to be one of theleading brands and largest chains of the health and fitness industry in Pakistan.Currently Shapes has several branches in Pakistan, (Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala,Faisalabad, and Multan) tapping to the needs of different customers geographically.Shapes provide individuals the opportunity to reach their fitness related goals,targets and enhance active lifestyles. This is delivered throughexpert coaching,highquality equipment, convenientscheduling and customized exercise programs. Fitness is alot like fashion. After some time it comes with some new trends. Similarly, Shapes didnot only focus on geographic expansion, but the organization also managed to keep upwith the changing fitness industry trends andthe modern needs of its customers.Although Shapes claim that is not designed for the upper or the elite class.However, if we consider the overall charges and the fee structure for Shapes its high ascompared to the other gyms. Other than that, Shapes unlike other gyms do not offer anysort of discount offers on regular basis and the charges mentioned are fixed. This reflectsthat customers or members of shapes are less sensitive to price. For this Shapes claim todifferentiate itself from the competitors due to their quality of services. Which means thatthe organization is using value based pricing.
Core ServicesLadies gymGent’s gymSwimming poolAerobics studioCross fit hallSquash courtsSupplementary servicesKid’s gymOutdoor gymCaféSpaSportswear shopSupplementsJogging trackNutritionistSports Injury & Rehabilitation clinicLockersSteam roomCar parkingShower roomsCash/Credit/debit card paymentQ2. Draw a Flower of Service Identify the core and supplementary services it is offering.
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