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2019Miss Mehwish JawaidSECTION-HAbeera Nauman 17U00495Khawaja Ameer Hamza Tayyab17U00401Minahil Adil17U00134Minel Amjad17U00552Numra Zaheer17U00123Submission No.3Services Marketing
ShapesActive LifestyleQ4) What does the organization do to cope up with the intangibility of the service it isoffering? How do they deal with consumer quality and risk perception and expectations?Ans) The feature of service intangibility is one of the most prominent and main factor thatdifferentiates products and services. Therefore, intangibility of service plays a crucial role in howservice producing firms are managed and how its strategies are formed.To cope up with the intangibility factor Shapes has several tangible elements such as topquality Cybex equipment which includes treadmills, arc trainers, cycles, weight trainingequipment etc. other than this high tech equipment Shapes also has a jogging track. Due to thisShapes have maintained its reputation in market of providing a wide range of luxurious facilities.Although the offering or the service Shapes itself is providing is intangible, post usage benefitsof the service they are offering can be tangible. Through social media the organization givesexamples along with the pictures of those members who have achieved their goals, which helpsin building an organizational credibility.While a tangible product offers comfort by its mere presence, an intangible good orservice cannot do the same.To provide excellent customer service, you first need understandtheir needs, experiences, and pain points.To deal with this Shapes uses various techniques. Onthe main reception the management has placed a diary on which the members can give certainsuggestions and can even complain if there is any issue. Customers can even write their reviewson facebook page. The management takes drastic steps to solve customer problem. To deal withrisk perception new members have to fill a pre exercise form the first day they step in the gym.In the form they have to tell about any health issues such as blood pressure, back injury etc.People with different health issues are trained differently as compared to those who arecompletely fit and have no such health issue. Other than that there are several trainers availableon the floor to guide the members about accurate workout angles in order to minimize the risk ofinjury.
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