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Suffix Tree Assignment:.

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Added on  2019-09-18

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Suffix Tree Assignment:To run any task:Go to the folder with the name of the task.You will have a and bash scripts.First run run.shFor tasks LCS, Substring Check and Pattern Searching you just need to give the program a textand a pattern.But for all other tasks, while entering text, please end with $ to mark the end of text.The unique points about my implementation:1.In the Pattern Searching part, my implementation mentions all the positions at which the pattern was found.2.In the count substrings part, my implementation specifies the starting indexes of the substring that is occurring many times in the text given.My choice for using CPP is because I am comfortable in it, and also because if I had to implement multiple inheritance somewhere because of the constraints, I had to use interface in JAVA, but in CPP there is no such restriction of not able to implement Multiple or Hybrid inheritance.My Code doesn’t require exception handling as I have covered all the corner cases by coding in a generalized way.The only limitation I encountered so far, was the maximum text size I allow. In all the cases, I have set it to 10000, thus if a text with size more than this maximum limit is given, my program will fail.
Suffix Tree Assignment:._1

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