BUSN19024 Professional Practice Preparation Assignment

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Professional Practice Preparation (BUSN19024)


Added on  2020-02-19

BUSN19024 Professional Practice Preparation Assignment


Professional Practice Preparation (BUSN19024)

   Added on 2020-02-19

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Running head: SUMMARY OF SELF AWARENESS EXERCISESummary of self awareness exerciseName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
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1SUMMARY OF SELF AWARENESS EXERCISESummary of self awareness exerciseMy life goals are getting a job of teaching Biology to high school students, travellingaround the world while offering education to students and children belonging to schools fromdifferent countries and building a rehabilitation centre with the help of my family to serve thecommunity. My goal of imparting education while travelling would offer me an opportunity towork in different environments and learn new aspects culture, ethnicity and backgrounds fromthe students (Covay Minor et al. 2016). While working as a high school teacher I will share myknowledge, motivate and inspire my students to learn about the living world (van Uden, Ritzenand Pieters 2014). The teaching goal will also help me encourage students to utilize their fullpotential and strive for greatness. A rehabilitation centre will assist disabled people to lead anormal life and act as productive members of the society. Some of the past goals that I achievedare raising money for people severely affected by a cyclone Marcia in Queensland in 2015 andlearning of a new language. The cyclone created a financial damage of more than 590.5 milliondollars and thousands of people had been severely affected. I intended to organize a fundraisingprogram and donate it to the government authorities at the place. With help from familymembers and friends, we were able to create campaigns promoting support and collected 40000dollars for the victims in a fortnight. The entire money was used to buy household items andfood for the victims. I worked as a volunteer in Ipswich Opportunity Groups and IpswichCitizens Advice Bureau Humanities Centre with the aim of helping people. My aim of travelling around the world helped me realize the necessity of learning aforeign language that would help me expand my horizon. I got enrolled in a Japanese languagecourse. Its successful completion helped me broaden my mind and I will use it to enrich my
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2SUMMARY OF SELF AWARENESS EXERCISEpersonal experiences. My immediate future goals are to to get enrolled for a provisional QCTregistration that will make me eligible to apply for a job position at Queensland schools. Theprogram will offer me a school based learning experience and will educate me on the effectiveteaching methods (Ramos 2016). It will ensure that I am well equipped to meet the challenges ofa teaching career. It will allow me to utilize my expertise and knowledge to engage students inlearning process. I will be able to critically plan and implement relevant syllabi and curriculummaterials and will develop a personal theory of teaching (Hallman and Burdick 2014). Teachers carry an incredible responsibility while shaping the future of their students.Creativity, engaging lessons and innovative teaching methods will help my students to developtheir behavioral and mental faculties but also assist me in describing my ideas (Petersen andTreagust 2014). Feedback from the students will assist in my personal understanding. A schoolbased learning degree will help me communicate my thoughts precisely and clearly. It will alsoremove all probabilities of self deceit. My goals will provide scope for creating a passion foracademics in high school students. This profession will enable me to eagerly talk about my ownchildhood school memories, which will reinforce my bonding with family members and peers(Biesta, Priestley and Robinson 2015). Some of the external rewards that my career will offer areperformance based financial perks which encompass a competitive salary that matches my talentand a wealth of benefits like holiday allowance and provision for pension. If I am passionateabout my subject area, I can even pursue my career as head of department. While providing methe opportunity to educate students in the classroom, these career progressions will make meenjoy additional responsibilities like training new teachers or working as leading authority on mysubject (Robertson-Kraft and Duckworth 2014).
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