Summative Assessment due on January 13th by 23:59 on the

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Summative Assessment due on January 13thby 23:59 on the appropriate Turnitin link on theMoodle page of SSC4606/PRS4530 (MyUnihub)Draw up a policy proposal or legislative initiative (3000 words and supporting documentation 1000words [standards, guidance for best practice etc.]; (LOs: 1-6) detailing the principles, standards andinstruments as well as implementation strategy for action vis a vis a specific environmental issue.NB: PRS4530 students are NOT required to submit supporting evidence and the maximum wordcount is 3000 words.Assessment Weighting: 100%The proposal should contain information on the following themes:1. Problem contextThis should be an introduction to the environmental issue that the proposed policy / law is intendedto address and details about other relevant existing legislation and policies. You will need to citeboth environmental/scientific and theoretical literature here.2. General actions and principles (e.g. polluter pays, precautionary)Describe the actions that the policy/law proposes in general, their intended impact and justification.Describe all the parties that are targeted by the proposed policy / law: the implementingorganisations and the policy/law targets who will have to be incompliance. Propose actions formonitoring and addressing non-compliance.This is the most important section of the proposal where you need to describe and justify theapproach that the policy/law is based on (on the governance spectrum) and why you think this is theappropriate approach. You need to take reference to governance theory here.3. Specific instruments and budget (e.g. information campaign, permits, payment schemes, tax,fines)Describe the technical detail of the proposal here: for example, if you propose to establish apermitting system to ensure compliance with emission ceilings, what requirements will the permitsfocus on, if there will be emission standards, which emission will be covered and, and what evidencewill be required to define emission ceilings and what used and why.If you are proposing a PES scheme, describe how payments will be calculated, by whom and how willthey be levied and spent.This section will have to cite some environmental/scientific and economic evidence.
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