Summer Internship Report For the Proposed Summer Internship

Added on - 20 Jul 2021

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Summer Internship Report
For the Proposed Summer Internship Project

Understanding shopper behaviour and evaluation of
customer experience at selected stores of Reliance
Submitted to

A-32 A, Sector 62, Institutional Area, Noida- 201309 (U.P.)

Under the Supervision of

Prof. Joy Patra
Submitted by
Akansha Sinha
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Table of Content
1.Introduction of the Company
2.Literature Review
3.Problem Definition
4.Approach to Problem
5.Data collection and Analysis
5.2Age group
5.4Formats Visited
5.5Frequency of visit
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5.7Planned Visit
5.8Shopper’s Satisfaction
5.9Brand Satisfaction
5.10Catchment Analysis
5.12Online Behavior
6.Results and Conclusion

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Executive summery

The purpose of this research was to get the inclination of the customers towards the Reliance
brand and to enhance the chance of better service by gathering the view points of the
customers towards present services. During the training program, all the interns were trained to
how they should approach the customers to get their reviews on the structured questionnaire
and what are the essential information which needed to be covered during the interaction with
the customers.
The internship program was of eight weeks in which I had covered five different format of stores
of reliance retails which includes :
First week – Reliance Fresh
Second Week – Reliance Trend
Third Week – Reliance fresh
Fourth Week – Reliance Jewels
Fifth Week – Reliance Footprint
Sixth Week – Reliance Jio
Seventh Week – Reliance Fresh

During these entire seven week I have collected the responses of the customers visiting the
store and with the help of the questionnaire, the actual footfall and the queries in the store were
brought to notice.
The physical forms for the response have a standard format, created by the Reliance and I was
informed to follow that during the entire internship process. The daily task routine during the
internship was :
Collect the data from the customers on physical forms
Online punching of the data

These are the two steps which needed to be followed every day.

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After collecting the data, a proper analysis of all the aspects was done to check the credibility of
the data and the processes. The analysis includes every aspect which can be useful to check the
inclination and satisfaction of the customers towards the Reliance brand in different outlets. The
aspects covered in the analysis are:
1.Shoppers Profile:
a. Who shops at Reliance store
b. What is their demographic profile- age, gender, occupation
c. How often they visit
d. Who all accompanied in shopping

2.Acquaintance with other Reliance stores:
a. Have the shopper visited other RR formats
b. Which formats have they visited

3.Catchment Analysis:
a. How far shoppers stay from store
b. How do they travel and time taken to reach the store

4.Overall shopping experience :
a. Will shoppers visit the store again
b. Will they recommend the store to others
c. How satisfying was their current visit

On the basis of the results through these analysis a final draft is created with the suggestions
and conveniences or inconveniences of customers

SIP Report _ Reliance Retail _ Akansha Sinha _ JN180007Page 8

Introduction of the Company

Reliance Retail Limited is a subsidiary company of Reliance Industries Limited and was founded
in year 2006. In terms of it’s revenue, it is the largest retailer in India. Founder of Reliance Retail
is Mukesh Ambani and the present CEO is V Subramaniam. The products offered by the retail
outlet are food, groceries, apparel, footwear, lifestyle, home improvement products, electronic
goods, oil etc. The Stores come under this subsidiary of Reliance industries are :
Reliance Retail reported a turnover of Rs. 1,30,566 crore for the financial year 2017-18. As on
31st Mar 2018, Reliance Retail operates 10,415 stores across 6,600+ cities with a retail area of
over 22 million sft.
Reliance Retail has emerged as the partner of choice for International brands and has
established exclusive partnerships with many revered international brands such as Diesel,
Superdry, Hamleys, Ermenegildo Zegna, Marks and Spencer, Paul & Shark, Thomas Pink,
Kenneth Cole, Brooks Brothers, Steve Madden, Payless Shoesource, Grand Vision and many
more. The Stores come under this subsidiaryof Reliance industries are:

Reliance Fresh :(2006)
Reliance Retail started its journey in 2006 with the opening of its first Reliance Fresh
store. Today Reliance Retail operates 566 Reliance Fresh and Reliance Smart stores
and sells over 200 metric tons of Fruits and over 300 metric tons of Vegetables every

Reliance Smart :(1957)
Reliance Smart is a new age supermarket serving the needs of today’s smart and value
seeking customers. Reliance Smart offers a one-stop shopping experience by offering
fresh produce, bakery, dairy products, home and personal care products, general
merchandise and in many cases are co-located with our fashion & electronics store
Reliance Trends and Reliance Digital, making it a complete shopping destination.

Reliance market: (2011)
Reliance Market, the wholesale cash and carry store chain aims at supporting Kirana
stores growth and providing them with a modern distribution system. Reliance Retail
opened the first Reliance Market in 2011 and since then Reliance Market has grown
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