Assignment on Marketing Plan of Sun Rice Ltd

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SUN RISE LTD2Companies often see the success of the sales department, and they somehow forget that saleswithout a successful marketing plan do not result in optimal success(McDonald, and Wilson,2016). The basic design, planning and a proper implementation of product presentation to thecustomer usually occurs in successful sales. Several issues lead to the success of a marketingplan including human factors and social, economic factors such as having the right people. Theseissues include;Documenting the content plan.The documentation of strategies determines how content marketing can be used by thedepartments to succeed by playing a critical role hence increasing the return on investment. Thecontent plan can include the mission plan, the target audience, content creation plan, editorialcalendars and distribution plan.Publication based on audienceContent marketing is about gaining influence of online publication to reach the target market.Public relations and media coverage play a big role in reaching to the target audience and third-party endorsement of your products(Baker, 2014).Maintaining customer baseMicrosoft business website suggests that keeping an inactive or unhappy customer is morebeneficial than gaining new customers. To make a marketing plan work, sunrise company canstay in touch with the their customers by frequently sending them emails of current and futurepurchases and have them do some marketing for the company and reward them after sendingnew customers to the company.
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