Supply Chain Management Assignment (SCM)

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1Supply Chain Management
2The report gives an overview of supply chain management of Dollarama Manya.Various types oftechniques are used by the company to manage its inventory and satisfy its customers.The main aspect of inventory management at Dollarama is that they deliver the goods into areceiving area i.e. warehouse and then they count them. Then the product is moved to differentareas in accordance with the demands. Every Dollarama store has different inventory becauseeach and every store has a demand for different items. The one and only drawback of inventorymanagement at Dollarama is that the inventory for one location cannot be accessed by the otherstore.One of the ways in which Dollarama forecasts its demands is by analyzing the different areas ofoperation and market demands in respect to those locations. The highest number of Dollaramastores is with Ontario which is 449 in number. As the imported products are expensive therefore,the company also analyses the demand for imported goods in respect to the neighborhoodspurchasing behaviors. With the help of this strategy, Dollarama deduces the stores and is able toemphasize more on stocking well known branded items and hence it focus on the demographicsof the areas. Dollarama mostly buys its products from importers in a huge bulk to maintain theirlow price and profit margin.The performance is measured by the sale and demands and how Dollarama is doing at the storelevels. A report named as Z report is prepared at the end of sales of each day which includes thetotal sales of products and then at the end of the month it is calculated with the average sales ofthe month. Sales are at the peak at the time of holidays and festivals. Therefore, they preparethemselves to boost their sales during holidays so that the customers’ demands meet with thesupply. Along with this, GAAP is calculated to analyses the financial performance and accordingto that the annual budgets are prepared.Dollarama relies extensively on third party carriers for acquiring goods from their suppliersoverseas. Dollarama has one distribution center and 7 warehouses of which 5 are owned byentities under corporation’s executive chairman Larry Rose which are subject to leaseagreements expiring on November, 2024.The newest warehouse costing $67.9 million is situated
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