Supply Chain Management Model

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Running head: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT1Operations management(Author’s name)(Institutional Affiliation)
OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT2OPERATIONS MANAGEMENTJournal of Operations managementprovides the student with the actual experiences andquality original data that affect the day to day operations as well as learning of operatingmanagement systems. In operating systems, the document analyzes supply chains(Elsevier,2018). The concept (supply chain) deals with the movement of raw materials, information andfinances from production to distribution. Researches have been carried out to explain how supplychain model affect the financial performance and position of any esteemed organization. Thesemodel is an important part of the supply chain management. Several tests, hypothesis andinvestigations were done by authors to relay information about supply chain that can easily becomprehended by people(Inderscience Publishers, 2010). The authors try to explain how supplychain management in any particular business will help reduce costs while increasing productivityby usingJournal of Manufacturing: Journal ofOperations Management:.Main purpose of the investigationsAuthors’ main aim is to show that proper or appropriate supply chain models, will lead toincreased overall return on the assets. Oppositely, poorly constructed supply chain models leadto low ROA and poor performance. According to, (Lovins, 2013)improved operations andreduced costs are the main objectives of the supply chain management models. From theinvestigations, hypothesis and tests done in proving the significance of supply chain models,examples had to be developed to provide proof of the findings. In any management department,fulfilling all the needs of a supply chain model may be such a hard task that needs a lot of effortand concentration(Maeda, 2011). The authors of several books of literature on Operations
OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT3management provide information on how to accomplish this task and improve the organizationsfinancial position and performance.The regression analysis result of all companies is as follows:A lot of assessments and measures had been developed to purify the findings and theresults though challenges were experienced during the research process(Going Green, 2017).The findings from the researches indicated that proper supply chain managements will have apositive impact on the financial performance leading to success in the organization.Key questionsThe major question in theJournal of Operations managementis to determine whethersupply chains have a positive or negative impact to the performance of the organization. All thehypothesis, analysis and results concentrate on these question. Findings obtained try to validatethis question(Emerald Insight, 2018). To acquire high precise findings that explain this questionin a better way, adequate data must be collected. Additionally, performing surveys will helpvalidate the research and efficiently answer the question. The main factors that will help explain
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