Supply Chain Management System Essay - Heineken

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The key issues that are faced bycompany are:Government impose high tax regulations on beer industry.It creates a negative perception in society as consumption of alcohol is restricted by society membersThreats that affect theoperations of company. Thecompetitor of Heineken isUnited Breweries Group (UB)which is an Indian companyand it had its ownership underkingfisher beer brand. SWOTanalysis is done to know aboutthe capabilities and weaknessof organisation. The supplychain management systemadopted by company, Brandvalues and images. CONCLUSIONThreats of substitutes: Substitutes areproducts which can be used in place ofone another. Product differentiationstrategy used by Heineken and alsoinvolves high cost of switching to othersubstitutes.Threats of new competitors:Large number of competitors affect themarket share in the economy. If thebuyers are not loyal than they willswitch otherwise the product offered bycompetitor will not affect the marketposition of the product.Industry Rivalry: It isaffected by large sizesof industries atthe market place and barriers to exit arelow at market place.Heineken covers largest market sharesin economy and thus it occupies thirdhighest market share in the economyand also the large brewer anddistributors in Europe.Bargaining Power of Buyer: It indicatesthat there are large number of people whoare consuming the products manufacturedby Heineken. Switching cost of buyer islow at the market place who areconsuming the products Bargaining Power of supplier:There is high competition in market whoare selling the products of Heineken.Power become strong whenthere is onlyone supplier in a particular location andlarge number of buyer who will beconsuming the products.Heineken is an internationalcompany which deals in food andbeverages. It has its own tag-line toattract customers like World mostinternational brewer. The majorcompetitor players of beveragescompany are Tiger Beer, jillz,Amstel and buckler. Five forcemodel given by porter evaluates thedifferent factor that determines thecompetitive position of industries atthe market place.ABSTRACT. From the above report it can beconcluded that Heineken are largestbeer producing company in theworld and has the largest marketshare in the economy. Thecompetitor of the company is UnitedBreweries Group (UB) which alsooccupies largest shares at the marketplace. The different pricing policythat are adopted by organisations.customers.BACKGROUNDBusiness Essentials consist of physicalitems that are needed by organisationsto sustain health related issues and lifeof person. The necessary goods thatare produced by business operationsinclude foods and beverages, water,heating fuels and materials that areused for constructing buildings. Thisreport contains the study aboutHeineken which is leading brand infood and beverages and it speciallydeals in beers. The competitor’s policythat are used by organisation.Company has used Potters five forcemodel to know about the competitor’sposition at the market place.BUSINESS ESSENTIALS

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