Suppose that you are currently working for a civil engineering

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Suppose that you are currently working for a civil engineering consulting company that isinteresting in expanding its services to include GIS applications that utilize DEMs forwaterresources, i.e., your firm does not provide these services at present. Your manager hasasked you toprovide a two-page memo (12-font, double-spaced in M.S. Word) that addresses thefollowing:1.Which types of DEM applications could be used on current or future projects? (At aminimum cite at least two different types of projects and support yourrecommendations.)2.What limitations do you envision with using the DEM data for each of these projects?Howwill you overcome these limitations? As you will not be undertaking the GIS analysis atthis point, your discussion regarding the possible limitations should be more general innature, e.g., explaining DEM resolution and accuracy and other issues brought forth thisweek.
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