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Surname1NameCourseInstructorDatePersonal AccomplishmentsPersonal accomplishments are the achievements that an individual has acquired over a setperiod (Thudt, Alice, et al., 6).These are what you value more than others and give you a senseof satisfaction and pride. These can attribute to psychological, emotional, spiritual, andprofessional growth. These accomplishments may include attaining a certain educational level,having good health, starting a family or a business. It is important to note one's accomplishmentsto understand the extent of your growth, primarily in business. To attain these goals, one requiresa positive mentality and understand one's self for opportunity creation.Being a male and of over thirty years and with two beautiful children, even though incollege, has helped me a lot in attaining most of my goals and encouraged me to acquire skillsthat have boosted my achievements. I have accomplished many things that define me and that Iproudly call mine. These include:I organized successful fundraising to facilitate the repairing of the elderly house in oursociety. I did not have public address systems nor capital to advertise this through posters. Iperformed a door-to-door visitation with the help of some youth members in our local church.This event was attended by many members of the society irrespective of their stature. Theamount collected was more than enough. It surpassed the intended amount by far. Later I was
Surname2selected as the overall overseer during the repair of the latter. Through God's grace, we couldcomplete the repair, and the senior citizens had a better place to call home.Another accomplishment was that I attained a diploma in Home Based Care afterlearning online on the same. I had put a lot of commitment and sacrifice during the period oflearning. I would wake up to do revisions on the topics before preparing breakfast for thechildren and later head to work. I was often at the pick of despair, but I encouraged myself, andfinally, through hard work, I completed it.After being employed in a nearby health facility as a cleaner after being used, I decidedto open my own cleaning business. The amount that I had saved was not enough to buy theequipment required for the services. I applied for a loan that I was granted with a minimuminterest rate. I applied for the necessary business licenses and found a suitable place to set myoffice. After a long time of advertising, I finally got my first clients. In later days I got referralclients, and this enabled my business to grow. A nearby manufacturing company contacted me.They offered me a contract that boosted my business for I was able to expand my services andaccommodate a larger group of employees.I later developed chest and back problems due to carrying heavy equipment and lack ofproper air circulation. This was brought about because my office also served as the storage roomfor the detergents and cleaning tools. It was always stuffy, and the air was a dump. I wasdiagnosed with chronic pneumonia and was hospitalized for a week. I did not give up, and I wasdetermined to fight for my health for my children's sake. I heeded the doctor's instructions andtook my medicines as required. I recovered quickly, something that surprised even the doctors. Iwas discharged from the hospital and complimented for my miraculous recovery.
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