Article on Criticism to Airport Security

Added on - 21 Apr 2020

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Surname1Student’s NameProfessor’s NameCourseDateAnnotated BibliographyCalabresi, Massimo, Berenson, Tessa and Rebala, Pratheek. “The Price of Security.” Time, 14Dec 2015, MasterFILE PremierIn the article, the authors state that TSA is not doing its job as expected. They mentionhow TSA’s flaws are at 96% when it comes to detecting weapons that Homeland Securityhas been sneaking through passenger checkpoints.Gormley, Shannon. “Please Let Us Grope You for Your Air-Travel Security.” Ottawa Citizen, 3Jan 2017, SIRSThis satirical article uses criticism to describe airport security. Gormley says that aspeople wait in security lineups, they remember a report that was leaked in 2015 aboutT.S.A. which revealed that screeners did not detect over 90% of banned items. People aretold not to consider this fact and instead get familiar with the things that the governmenthas prohibited from being used every day.Green, Josh. “Security Breach.” Atlanta, Dec 2015, MasterFILE PremierThe article explains the characteristics of security breaches in the airport in Atlanta. Italso shows the amount that the airport spends to keep passengers safe.
Surname2Karp, Aaron, and Nensel, Mark. “Tomorrow’s Checkpoint.” Air Transport World, 20 Mar 2017,MasterFILE Premier.The article discusses the efforts based on technology that is being used for the airportsecurity checks to work faster. The report also includes remarks from IATA projectsmanager among other prominent people in the related field.Maher, Joseph B. “Device Searches Improve Safety.” USA Today, 28 May 2017, SIRSThe United States Customs offers services to around 1.5 million people who enter thecountry each day. It is part of the mission of the Department of Homeland Security. Evenas Customs is accused of assessing luggage, cars and load compartments upon landing inthe United States, there are conditions in this advanced age when people shouldinvestigate an electronic gadget for infringement of the law. Maher trusts that warrantlessventures of electronic devices at U.S. borders ensure national security.Palazzolo, Joe. “Border Cellphone Searches Targeted in New Lawsuit.” Wall Street JournalOnline, 13 Sept 2017. SIRSA varied group that includes a musician, a chauffeur, and an engineer is not happy withthe United States government searching mobile phones at the border with no warrants,saying that it is in violation of privacy rights. The Wall Streets journal focuses on thesmartphone searches that are done at border crossings which happen to be warrantlessand unconstitutional.Tanfani, Joseph, and Hugo Martin. “Aviation Security Gets Lift.” Los Angeles Times, 29 Jun2017, SIRS
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