Essay Analysis In John Donne’s The Flea

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Surname1Name:Professor:Title:Date:Essay AnalysisIn John Donne’s ‘The Flea,’ the theme of longing for lost loved ones is present. Hediscusses the intimate contact of the flea with the woman and says that it has caused her no harmhence a physical encounter with the poet should also not lead to any harm. The lover suggeststhat he is in charge and it is a matter of when the woman will yield to his demands (Donne 60).In Ben Johnson’s ‘My first daughter, on my first son,’ the theme of looking for a longlost love is portrayed. The author begins with a good-bye, as the speaker is saying farewell to hisson who was seven years old. He blames himself for this loss. The author loved his son and theemptiness makes him feel like he could look for him and find him (Johnson 130). He thereforepromises himself that he will not like the things that he loves with all his heart.Mary Wroth’s Sonnet 16 and 77 also depict the theme of looking for a long lost lovedone. Sonnet 77 speaks about the youth’s aging face, which is reflected in a mirror and passage oftime shown through a watch. As much as the man wishes for his youth, he cannot get it back butthe notebook he is given will record his beauty while he was young. Sonnet 16 is arguing onwhy the youth should marry (Roberts 43). When one get’s old, looking for their youth is lookingfor a long lost love that they cannot find.
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