Writing Before the Popularity of the Internet

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Surname1Student’s NameProfessor’s NameCourseDateWriting Before the Popularity of the InternetThe internet has matured from a couple of interconnected computers to something extraordinary.The popularity of internet exploded in the mid-1990s, and it has been changing the way thesociety works. Before all that, people used to rely on traditional means of doing things. In 1992,Neil Postman asked how the internet has been an advantage to people, and the following essayseeks to answer that question while it relates to writing.The first example is how people have changed their way of communication. Jottingletters to family and friends who are not near you was normal. People used to sit and use a penand paper to write what they want the other person to know. It took a person about 10 minutes,or even an hour, depending on the length of the letter. After that, the paper was supposed to beput in an envelope; a stamp stuck on the shell, and the letter dropped in a mailbox[ CITATIONSusnd \l 1033 ]. Delivery used to take some days. In modern day, people useemails, and it takesonly a few seconds for the recipient to receive their mail.Before the internet, people used to rely on newspapers and the evening news to know allabout the events of the day. People would watch the story in the evening and read papers in themorning. By the time information reached people, the time had already gone. Now people usethe internet to watch the news, which is covered there as events unfold[ CITATION Barrk \l 1033 ].News channels have created their websites, which they use to pass information
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