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Impact of transportation in victoria PDF

Added on - 18 Nov 2021

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Introduction of formal proposal
The impacts of environment of the Victorian transport system remain to be significant and
consist of the production of greenhouse gas emission, different air pollution, and noise in the
region. The need of these impacts has been the legislated objective of the Canadian government
since early days of 2010, but it is clear that transport department, planning, and local
infrastructure has not effectively addressed the concern when developing strategic transport and
land use planning structure for state. Major concern on influences of environment on transport
sector is that proper environmental guidelines in Canada have not been implemented to control
and moderate the release of gases from vehicles into the surroundings. The concern has been
balance by the enhancement in the number of vehicles together progressive utilization of every
vehicle. The need to reduce environmental impacts of transport sector in Victoria is an important
aspect as it can assist in regulating emission of greenhouse gases that lead to global warming that
affects well-being of the country. One of the sustainable methods that the individuals in the
Canada can use is the use of bicycle. The use of mountain bikes can be effective in town as they
help people to conserve the environment by producing zero smoke that can be hazardous to the
environment. For instance, people in Canada can focus on the use of bicycle on large number as
a way of ensuring that they maintain environment sustainability. Moreover, authority within the
region can focus on idea of improving routes for such bicycle usage and improving of
infrastructure as well as complimenting the use of bicycle with public transport in the region.
The need to use bicycle is significant as it can help the authority to reduce the direct impact of
issues like noise along with carbon (IV) oxide release by vehicles that create direct and
damaging influence on surrounding. The impact can help in reducing instances of traffic
obstruction and automobile-oriented urban collapse that can use natural surroundings together
with lands used for agricultural purposes. Therefore, primary target of this research paperwork is
to address some of the ways that can be used in reducing the environmental impacts of
transportation in Victoria, BC, in Canada. The report tends to answer the research question by
examining annotated bibliographies of five different sources that address the same issue.
Annotated Bibliography
[1] A. El-Geneidy, A. Cerda, R. Fischle, and N. Luka, “Evaluating the Impacts of
Transportation Plans Using Accessibility Measures,”Canadian Journal of Urban Research
[Internet], vol. 20, no. 1, p. 81-104,2011. Available from:
El-Geneidy, Cerda, Fischle, and Luka as authors of this article are researchers that concentrated
on researching on some of the impacts of transportation plans by the use of accessibility
measures around Canada as their case study. Their article illustrates how there have been
growing alertness of social together with impacts environmental on infrastructure of
transportation. It reports that, in present society most transport strategies only target at increasing
movement of people but fails to address ways of solving environmental impacts on transport
systems. The modification that targets at preparation for openness has been vulnerable by need
of clear demonstrations of significance of ease of use as the aim and norms for designing
transportation. This article offers different expression of the viability and worth of accessibility
assessments with the analysis of different transport sectors like those in Canada. The article is
useful in illustrating how to reduce environmental impacts on transport sector in Canada.
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