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Corporate Communication
Hassan Mohamed
Final Project
Coca-Cola is considered to be one of the world’s greatest and most well-known cold-
beverage-soda drinks available in all markets of the world. Invented in 1886 by John
Pemberton in the city of Atlanta in the USA, and interesting enough, Coca-Cola started to
be sold in pharmacies until it made its way to almost every city in the world. Today,
Coca-Cola is one of the most well-known brands which is even considered to have what
some macroeconomists consider to be a duopoly where the two main brands in the world
market for this iconic soda taste are being dominated on a global level by Coca-Cola and
Pepsi. This paper can be considered as an attempt to identify and preview several of the
key factors that make up this extremely well-established brand. This paper will cover
Coca-Cola’s branding from many aspects such as sustainability, corporate social
responsibility, corporate communication, media relations, and more.
Coca-Cola’s Sustainability & CSR
Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are considered to be one of the
main aims for governments and societies to get big organizations and businesses to do.
This is because with more sustainable models and higher CSR, there will be a collective
benefit and welfare to societies, economies, and governments in general. These values of
sustainability and CSR are also incentivized by governments and promoted by movements
and organizations like the United Nations (UN) for example.

Coca-Cola has been no exception when it comes to apply practical sustainable models or
campaigns. Likewise, Coca-Cola is also recognized for its efforts in CSR for years. For
example, in 2019, Coca-Cola has spent many expenses on the environment, community,
climate, and more. This has all been shown in its Coca-Cola’s sustainability report for
2019 where Coca-Cola mentions how it invests in many aspects of the society and
environment and even shares the percentages and details about that. This states the point
even more that Coca-Cola does pay much attention and money for sustainability and
CSR. More details can be found
Corporate Communication Strategy
Since corporate communication is such an essential part of any successful organization,
leading companies tend to set concrete strategies regarding how they will communicate
with all its stakeholders, including their investors, customers, internal management,
suppliers, and more. This all works in the favor of not only the company, but also for a
healthier and better integrated market in general.
Coca-Cola has been no exception to this. Coca-Cola has a very clear vision on how to
communicate with all of their stakeholders. For example, and as for their customers, they
know exactly which target segmentations they are most interested in. Moreover, and more
importantly in regards to communication, they know how to reach these customer
segments and how to communicate their brand to them in an efficient wat that these
customers can understand and take actions upon off. Furthermore, this does not only go
for customers, but it also goes for all other types of stakeholders where Coca-Cola
communicates its brand in an efficient way and through a relevant medium of contact
which will be mentioned in more detail in the next section of this report.

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