Sustainable Accounting and Strategic Management

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Sustainable Accounting andStrategic ManagementLinear Programming ProblemStudent Id[Pick the date]
Question 31.Linear Programming ProblemGive data and information has been summarized below.The manufacturing costs related to the three types of Dotti jackets are given below:It has been given that all three types of jackets go through the same type of manufacturingprocesses. The time required for each process step and the total monthly hours available arehighlighted below:1
Formulation of linear programming modelAimThe aim is to formulate the linear programming model to determine the optimal mix of thejackets that should be manufactured to maximize the profit margin.Table to show the profit margin of each of the jackets is shown below:AssumptionLetx=Unitproducedofbikerjacketsy=Unitproducedofbomberjacketsz=UnitproducedofDenimjacketsModelObjective functionMaxP=18x+15.27y+12.25zSubject to constraints0.3x+0.25y+0.2z11000.15x+0.15y+0.1z6000.35x+0.35y+0.25z15000.1x+0.1y+0.1z5002
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