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ESSAY:AVIATION IS NOT AN OXYMORON:The aviation industry deals with providing travel services to the customers that allow them tohave great travel experiences. This is the industry that is experiencing growth year after year.This industry has faced many changes because of the technological innovation in this sector nowand then. Air travel or aviation industry is contributing greatly by benefitting the environment,economy and society (Budd, Griggs and Howarth, 2013). Sustainability in aviation or sustainableaviation is the debatable topic. This is because many arguments have been made for and againstthe sustainability of the aviation industry. Some argues that sustainable aviation is an oxymoronand some argues that it is a sustainable industry. The below discussion clarifies the dilemma asbenefits of aviation industry and the sustainable practices by this industry is clearly discussed.There are many benefits that the society is having from aviation industry. The major benefit isdevelopment of job opportunities for the people all over the world (Rye, Blakey and Wilson,2010). As the industry is developing day by day thus it requires more and more skilled humanresources. In terms of travelling, it is the easiest and the fastest way to travel (Aydın, Turan,Karakoç and Midilli, 2013). This is a very well-known fact that travelling through this mediumhelps the people to reach national and international destination in very less time as compared toroad transport mediums. It has also supported the countries to make better connection with eachother because the distances are not a matter of concern now days. Better connection between thecountries is also helping the businesses to enter the international land. This medium has alsosupported the activities of globalisation. It is the industry that is not only increasing its ownrevenue but also supporting the other industries such as travel and tourism. As airline industryprovides comfortable travelling experience to the people, they tend to spend their holidays atinternational destinations (Forsyth, 2011). This in turn enhances the business of tourism atinternational level.As far as sustainability is concerned, it has been analysed that the industry is working on thisaspect of business as well. Sustainability can be defined as the process of conducting thebusiness without affecting the environment in negative way or without harming the environment.
The improvement in the society and the advancement in the technology require utilisation of theresources but using those resources frequently may results in reduction of resource availabilityfor future generations. Sustainability is the concept that came into existence because it has beenrealised that the non-renewable resources are at the verge of extinction and the environmentalissues are at an alarming stage. Each and every industry has to concentrate on the sustainablepractices so that they can play their part in developing better environment and atmosphere tolive. It has been analysed that there are many sustainable practices that are being used byaviation industry and many activities have been initiated with the help of government and privatecompany’s interference to make this industry sustainable(Yilmaz and Flouris, 2010). All thebenefits that have been discussed above suggest that aviation industry is not oxymoron instead itis raising the standard of living of the population all over the world.This industry is allowing the people to travel all around the world. Oil prices are the drivers thataffect the fuel efficiency and economy in aviation. It has been analysed that if the airline industrymake a shift to the more fuel efficient airplanes, it will be very easy for the industry to reducecarbon emission and the industry can also reduce its contribution in the pollution of theatmosphere. It has been identified that most of the aircraft these days are designed in a way thatrequire less fuel and thus reduce the emission in the air by the aircraft (Sgouridis, Bonnefoy andHansman, 2011). Thus, it is very wrong to say that aviation industry cannot be the sustainableindustry. Many initiatives are being taken by the companies in order to make the industrysustainable. This industry is deviating towards sustainability slowly as they are taking manysteps towards the use of bio fuels. (Nakamura, Kajikawa and Suzuki, 2013). Although there islarge amount of traffic in the airline industry but still this industry has took initiatives to becommitted towards sustainability. Although, the practices are initiated and are in process butachieving the goals is very tough. The arguments made in the above section clearly explain thataviation industry cannot be termed as oxymoron and like other industries it can also besustainable.International Civil Aviation Organization is the organization that deals with developing thepolicies for the aviation industry internationally or globally. This organization has providedvarious options to the industry in order to be sustainable in near future. The first option is to usebio fuel instead of jet fuels (Smith, Hayward and Rich, 2000). Not only the bio fuel but the lighter
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