Sustainable Business Strategy Assignment

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Running head: DEVELOPING SUSTAINABLE STRATEGYDeveloping sustainable strategyName of the student:Name of the university:Author note
1DEVELOPING SUSTAINABLE STRATEGYGenerating the strategy for Adani coal mineAs per Stop Adani (2018) ‘Stopping Adani Coal is the fight of our times’ were the mainkeywords which had a major significance in developing the strategies for stopping themovement. As per the requirement the Adani maga mine had several approvals. Due to thepledge of the federal government for $1 billion taxpayers that is why coal was not the only factorbut it was sustainability which needed to be implemented for a safe future.The requisite steps to be developed because no people wanted to get the mine built aregiven below.A number of groups are forming all over to stop Adani and prevent the formation ofNew CoalThe groups have also made Westpac, NAB and CommBank rule out funding Adanibecause they want to prevent the $1 billion taxpayer funded loan.The respective MPs of the region need to know that if they do not prevent Adani thenthe citizen will elect some other MPs who will be able to prevent that (Gleeson 2017).There are plenty of causes for preventing the coal mine at Adani and those are givenbelow:coal causes health hazardspeople could no put their trust in Adaniit takes a toll on the climateit also move away from the indigenous rightsthe entire planet will have to face water shortage
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