Sustainable Tourism Development and Guest Host Relationship : Report

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Sustainable Tourism DevelopmentGuest host relationship:The cited destination can havemajor impact of thisrelationship if their relationship is poor than it will create misunderstandingand issue of communication which will have negative impact on travellerswho visit toPhilippines.It affect their experience and satisfaction. This canhave major impact on the inflow of visitors.Factors like local citizens, building capacity, integration in strategic planningcan also affect the working within tourism sector. It is necessary to haveconsideration of communication process with participants is also essential torefer.ConclusionTourism sector is having a betteropportunities in the market. Numberof tourism activities has beendeveloped effectively for betteraccessing to the services.Involvement in GDP has also beenadvanced properly.Things to considerIt not easy to introduce sustainable development. There are many things that hindrance the activitySocio economic changes:Cultural barriers between hosts and guests, local community of the country,lack of overall vision and awareness are other major factors creating hurdle in developing sustainablecultural development inPhilippines.Recession: It has major impact on the spending of people if recession is high people will stop spendingmoney on travels and holidays. It also affects the working of government and affect the development asthese body won’t spend too much on the development process.Concept of sustainability in tourism developmentSustainable development is a concept which provide a proper framework sothat authorities can design plane for the development of economic,social, culture andenvironment aspect. Its focus lies on the conservation of natural resource biodiversity,climate reduction of wastage etc.It assists in ecological balance of PhilippineEnhance employment opportunitiesMake people aware of the culture of host communityIf Philippine government pay importance to this factor and make theirenvironment clean it can help them to attract more visitors.IntroductionTourism sector is having a greatopportunities within business because ofdiverse activities available.Tourismsector ofPhilippinesis having awealthyand economic perspectives that influencesthe local and national economic policy of thecountry were started by tourism.
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