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Sustainable Tourism Development.

Added on - 17 Feb 2020

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Sustainable Tourism DevelopmentThere are different stages which are included in doing the planning for doing the development sothat they can attain the sustainability. Complexity level in travel as well as tourism industry is veryhigh and competition is also increasing at a global level. Some stages which help the tourismindustry of Philippines in the sustainable tourism.Step 1: Identified major areas – The members of tourism industry of Philippines have to identifythose areas which needs to be developed which assist in attracting the consumers. They have tomake proper plans for improving the destinations.Step 2: Involved those person who are required in planning process – In this step, regulatory bodyof Philippines have to identify the person which helps in involved in sustainable tourismdevelopment. They have to use new ideas and take corrective actions in improving the quality ofservices.Step 3: How the area can be made special – Ministry body of Philippines have to use properapproaches in improving the destinations. They have to provide the proper facilities to touristswhich can gain the best experience.Step 4: Issues faced by individuals – The resources which are used by the tourism industry thatdoes not affect the life of individual person. The resources should be used properly and also to beused in an efficient manner so that they can attain the good results.Step 5: Issues can be evaluated – Regulatory body of Philippines have to evaluated and analysedthe issues which are facing by the tourists and for that they have to take the corrective actions sothat they can resolve the issues which are facing by tourist which helps in attaining thesustainability in the tourism industry.
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