Swot Analysis of Burger King

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SWOT Analysis is combination of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is adetailed analysis of internal and external factors which helps the businesses to operate efficientlyand to overcome the risks and challenges. Burger King is 2ndlargest food hamburger chain in theworld as they do not compromise on quality. They are present at more than 15000 locations in morethan 100 countries like UK, US, China and India. This essay covers the detailed SWOT analysis ofBurger King which provides an insight of how the company can attain the competitive advantageacross the world and how they can overcome from several external factors.SWOT analysis identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which is mostimportant to the company. Burger King is one of the competing brands in foods and beveragessector (Banu and et. al., 2018). It is expected that Burger King will remain one of the major playersin the market. As a food and beverages business, Burger King uses its strengths to have acompetitive advantages against the business giants like McDonald's. Also, company must take intoconsideration the risks and threats linked to them from their competitors to overcome from thoserisks.The following are the strengths of Burger King. Firstly,Global Market OperationswhichindicatesBurger King is known as second largest fast food industry across the world. It has itsoperations in more than 100 countries like UK and US(Davis and et. al., 2018). The BKabbreviation for Burger King is known by many people(Swot analysis,2019). Secondly,FoodQualityof Burger King. They focused their direction on using a fresh vegetable for their products.No preservatives or additives is used in their patties. In UK, 100% British and Irish beef is beingoffered to their customers. Lastly,High Level of Satisfactionfor Burger King is their key strength.BK has able to attain a high level of customer satisfaction as they had a good taste and uniqueproduct offerings and also they provide toys specially for kids which make Burger King kidsfriendly(Hendarto and et. al., 2018).The main Weaknesses of Burger King is their High Calorie Food, which means they havenot been able to deliver healthy and low calorie food to their potential customers. Some people areagainst the unhealthy food which bring down the sale for Burger King.High Attrition Rate inWorkforce ofBurger King than other competitors are also a weakness of Burger King. They haveto spent higher on training and development of its employees and also, theCustomer Loyalty asFood and Beverages sector is extremely competitive. The switching cost is very low(Kreutzer,2019). It is easy for the customers to switch from one brand to another. Hence, it is necessary for allthe restaurants to make their customers highly satisfied. Burger King has less customer loyalty incomparison to other brands.The several Opportunities for Burger King can beHome delivery with Applications which
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