SWOT analysis of Mcdonalds : Report

Added on - 06 Jan 2020

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SWOT ANALYSIS OF MCDONALD’SMcDonald’s is one of the swift growing and among the top-notch fast food giantorganization. Headquartered in United States, this organization has expanded itsreach across the globe and has captured the eyeballs of tonnes of its customers.The taste and hygiene has always been the prime motive and clearly embarksthrough its vision: “to be the best quick service restaurant”. The firm has comeinto the whirlpool of attacks from EU tax regulators, which has made them shifttheir base of non-US locations to United Kingdom (Chapman, 2016). The majorityof the employees working in this are from United Kingdom. Analysing theorganization and carrying ahead its SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity andThreats) analysis, this firm has marked its strength by having 36,525 storesacross the globe. This well defines that the company has set itself as a brand.Steve Easterbook, CEO of the organization has very well defined that the incomestreams comes from the various regions and countries; so the chances of risk &loss does not exists. This is why McDonald’s has grown enormously in this fastfood sector. Setting itself as a brand crosses various dilemmas, the firm has lessof innovation in its product verticals which is making the market share graduallydecline. But the McDonald’s team with the leadership of Easterbook iscontinuously making the efforts to cover up the weakness and eradicate it.Moving ahead to the opportunities, the international expansion to variouscountries and cities is still to be covered (Dalavagas, 2015). It has been servingonly a part of the world’s population, joint ventures with the different retailerswill publicize the organization in a more good way. With the change in the foodtaste, innovation and flavor customization should be done. McDonalds standsfirm against its competitors because of the strong competitive edge it gives beingthe matured firm (Jurevicius, 2017). But strength of competition is turning outthe biggest threat to the organization and health conscious customers are againleading to loosing of customers. Lastly, the recent fluctuation in the currency hasdrastically affected all organizations especially the fast-food companies.The SWOT analysis is always necessary to be conducted in theorganization so as to review the market position. This aids the firm tocomprehend and alter the policies for the betterment of the organization. Takingan upper hand on the strengths for eradicating weakness and opening up various
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