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Report on The CREATE Foundation

Added on - 04 Mar 2020

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INPUTSFinancial Investments:TheCREATE Foundation hasinvested heavily in thisprogram.Staffs:The foundation hasalso includes a number ofstaffs for the project.Mentors:The foundationhas recruited a number ofpsychologists that will beworking as mentors for theprogram.Website:The foundationhas implemented a website.PROCESS(ACTIVITIES)Mentoring:The Foundationwould be providingcounselling for the youngpeople that would helpthem in choosing the rightpath for their future.Online Courses:The CREATEFoundation would beproviding online courses forthe young people thatwould be enhancing theirknowledge.OUTPUTSThe program would thefoundation to reach out tothe various sector of thepopulation.Care Leavers:The careleavers with various types ofopportunities after by theFoundation.Unemployed people:theunemployed people wouldfind various type options toengage themselves intospend their time inimproving themselves.Underprivileged children:The underprivilegedchildren would be providedwith various types of healtheducation and onlinecourses.OUTCOMESThis would improve theliteracy rate of the country.This would also eradicatethe unemployment issues inthe country.This would also solve theissues with the state care inthe country.IMPACTThe major impact would beon the social structure forthe country. This wouldenable the care leavers tobe socially stable.This would also providefinancial benefit for thecountry to great extent.PROGRAMHYPOTHESIS:The people who are out of the care directly are often vulnerable to various types of wrong deeds and hence they should be show the proper path and should be guidedin the right tracks so that they can establish the aim of their life and work towards making the aim a success in their life.PROGRAMLOGIC
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