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Sydney City Council Assignment PDF

Added on - 14 Jun 2021

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SYDNEY CITY COUNCILCity of Sydney Council’s attempt for inclusion of Older AdultsStudent’s nameName of the Institute
SYDNEY CITY COUNCILCity of Sydney Council’s attempt for inclusion of Older AdultsThe local governments of the local council acts as the foundation for the inclusion ofvarious social and cultural marginalised groups. It is important that local councils should be ableto understand and comprehend the need of local people so that necessary steps can be taken fortheir inclusion and social advancements (Morris, 2015). For any council, the marginalised groupcan be social marginalised group or culturally marginalised group. The secluded group couldalso exist on the basis of case, creed and racial background. The need of the hour is to havepolicies and procedures in place to manage both social and cultural marginalisation of specificgroups in Australia.This paper discusses the policies and strategies of City of Sydney Council to manage thethreat of social exclusion of older adults from the society. The older generation is a key socialgroup for City of Sydney Council as it represents a considerable proportion of population. In thiscase, ‘in need’ group is the older adults in Sydney. The target group can be further described as:Targeted social groupThe targeted group is older adults who have crossed the age group of 60 years. Thisgroup is identified by the local council itself. These are the senior citizens that need help. Theobjective of City of Sydney Council is to ensure that the people in this group should not feelsecluded or left out. There is a specific social and emotional need of this group and the City ofSydney Council has taken certain steps to ensure that the social and emotional needs of thisgroup is met.Grant & Drew(2017) argued that he social exclusion of older generation is a bigthreat in Australia and it is important that local government and councils must make efforts toovercome this threat. People of older age group can naturally feel alone and secluded as they find
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