Syndicate COSC220 Project Video.

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Syndicate COSC220 Project VideoThe speaker started the presentation with less enthusiasm in his voice. The main slide does not show the content title “earthquake” about which the video was about.Even the second slide failed to show what actually is being explained in the coming slides. Only generic content structure has been presented. Even the speaker did not explain it here.
This slide helps the user understand what the speaker wants to talk about. The content seems good as per understanding what the project was about. Map and data less visible and the speaker failed to give proper view of the map. This failed to establish ground about what actually speaker would be doing next.
This shows clearly what the speaker wants to achieve. The speaker also tried to explain this for a while.Explanation seems good at this point.
Explained well, however, it could have been in more detail with one more slide and bigger fonts.Speaker tried to explain the map. It helped in understanding what the relations are

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