(pdf) syrian civil war & struggle for survival

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Running head: SYRIAN CIVIL WAR, A DEBATABLE ISSUESYRIAN CIVIL WAR, A DEBATABLE ISSUEName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1SYRIAN CIVIL WAR, A DEBATABLE ISSUEGeneral IntroductionDecades before the occurrence of the conflict, several citizens of Syria expressedimmense criticisms against issues related to the increasing rate of unemployment, extensivecorruption, and absence liberty related to politics along with severe domination by the State,which was led by President Bashar al-Assad. The thesis statement of this essay will focusprimarily on the causes behind the Syrian civil conflict that resulted to the increasing level ofunrest along with certain debates related to the issue. The essay will focus on the analyticalframework in the context of Syrian conflict scenario with a detailed elaboration andobservation of the theoretical approach that will provide the utmost analytical effectivenessaffecting in accordance to the analytical range deriving from a particular deliberation of Syriain relation to those that consists of more applicability that is general. An event of inter-statedisturbance consists of an involvement of several actors and contrasting self-interests (Olsen2017). Syria, since six years has been suffering from violence, atrocities and defensivefragmentation along with the disintegration of critical infrastructure. The conflict of Syriaintensified because of the interconnectedness of range of various aspects and actors functionconcurrently for productive outcome. The United States originally mediated through themeans of policies and sanctions in opposition to the Assad’s government. In order toevaluate the pertaining conflicts of the Syrian civil war, research practitioners mustimplement a wide range of analytical research tool during the time of their disposal. Therehas been an existence of ideological as well as political purpose attached to the conflict.Syrian Civil ConflictTherising issues (problems)related to Syrian conflict, domestic as well asinternational range of investigation must be taken into consideration. The primary causes,which lied behind the Syrian Civil War, were acute dissatisfaction with the Assadgovernment and severe discontent and misapprehension with itsinternational alliances suchas Russia, China and Iran.One of the major conceptions regarding peace and conflict is theexistence of varied differentiations within nations. However, it must be taken into accountthat these differentiations are often referred as binary that further implied that states are eitherat war or at peace. However, in this context of civil conflict these two terminologies areopposed to each other. During a war period factors such as force, oppression, violence andatrocities are the means through which actors seek to identify and realize their goals andpurposes (Heydemann 2013). The Assad government and foreign alliance and involvement
2SYRIAN CIVIL WAR, A DEBATABLE ISSUEplayed a vital role in the country’s civil war. The main purpose of the Assad government liedto reemphasize control all through the country. This growing force of oppression howevercaused severe disturbances with the community of Sunni Arabs or Muslims such as Turkeyand Saudi Arabia were in support of the anti-Assad communities. The conflict furthertriggered because of certain external authorities who contributed strongly to the militantworkforce and armed combatant as well.Analytical FrameworkThe conflict related to Syria can be analysed within ananalytical framework,depending on the methods and theoretical approaches provided byrealism. The concept ofrealism is considered as a vast and complex practice of political thinking involving severalschools and theories. The concept of realism depends primarily on three core statements:states are referred as the central actors in the international arena that is also known as statecentrism, states are unitary along with rational actors that are shifted by egoism and lastly theinternational system that is anarchic (Jackson and Sørensen 2016). The theoretical frameworkof realism is significant in order to understand and observe the realist theoreticalformulations. However, it must be noted that the theoretical formulation of realism can belinked with the current state of Syrian war. The empirical verification if the realist hypothesisthat states perform to follow materialistic interests is required to observe the struggle of thepolicies between states and the way states act in response to the other hostilities of authoritieswith correspondence to the realistic state of the Syrian conflict (Cushman 2013). In order tocomprehend the explanations behind the attitude of Russia in the Syrian war, Assad regimemust be taken into consideration on which Russia can manipulate directly. The Syrian region,during the event of cold war used to be a battleground of an authoritative struggle betweentwo blocs, since twentieth century it has increasingly transformed under the extensiveinfluence of US to the disadvantage of Moscow. Russia at present is performing in the regionof Middle East through a balance-of-authority policy purposed at defying the impact ofAmerica (Ianchovichina and Ivanic 2016). Another alliance of the Assad regime that is Iranhas contributed to the Syrian administration for economic, technical and military guidance bytransporting its Iranian Revolutionary Guard or by supporting the Lebanese militia actions.The primary influencer of Teheran’s intervention is considered as an essential factor tocounter balance the pressure and control exercised by the Sunni Arabs of the Gulf States andAmerican assistance. The US has intervened at the head of a global coalition to exerciseairstrikes against the ISIS in Iraq and Syria (Lynch, Freelon and Aday 2014). One of the
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