Assignment System Acquisition and Implementation Management

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Running head: SYSTEM ACQUISITION AND IMPLEMENTATION MANAGEMENTReflective writingName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1SYSTEM ACQUISITION AND IMPLEMENTATION MANAGEMENTReflection 1In the book,Getting to Yes: Negotiating an agreement without giving in,Fisher and Urylay stress on the importance of negotiation in an individual’s life. Examples of the persons fromdifferent fields- lawyers, businesspersons, two strangers, union leaders and others are cited forenhancing the clarity of the readers regarding the issues, which needs negotiation for thefulfillment of the business purpose. Herein lays the appropriateness of the sentence, “Negotiationis the basic means for getting what you want from others (Fisher, Ury and Patton 2011).The major drive behind negotiations is varied in different places. In workplace,negotiations and agreements are undertaken for strengthening the bondage between the personneland the stakeholders. On the other hand, in personal life, negotiation connotes coping up andadjusting with the tensions, worries and quarrels, which are an inseparable part of everyhousehold. Here, I affirm with Fisher and Ury.The book is divided into three parts, which I think resembles with the stages involved inthe process of negotiation. The first and the primary step is to identify and specify the problemfor which negotiation is needed (Fisher, Ury and Patton 2011). Here, I agree with Fisher and Urythat if the position offered are argued, time for negotiation and achieving effective solutions arelost without the knowledge and information of the personnel. The second step is the excavationof appropriate means of negotiating. Again, my affirmation goes with Fisher and Ury in terms ofinspiring the readers to set objectives for achieving success. Here, the focus needs to be on thewellbeing of the stakeholders rather than their positions.The third part of the book is the most important. This is because of the title, “Yes,but.....”, which reflects the doubt of the personnel regarding the appropriateness, feasibility and
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