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Added on - 13 Sep 2021

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System Analysis and Design
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The mobile phones are very much essential in the present generation as it helps to stay
connected with the other peoples, which provide a logical sense of security to the users. The
use of the mobile phones is gradually increasing with the time which is making the mobile
communication system more and more complex. Besides that, another type of complex
system is the distributed computer system. As this both of technology is very much complex
it may create challenges for the system analysts or designers (Hellaet al.2015).
In this article, a critical analysis will be done whether the spread of the mobile
systems and the distributed computer system is creating significant challenges for the system
analysts or not. Further discussion will be carried out about the mobiles and the distributed
computer systems.
Mobile and Distributed Computer System:
The mobile communication system runs on a very much complex process. Handling
and analysing this type of complex network is not a very easy task for the system analyst. The
main challenges which the system analyst and the system designers are facing is the
increment in the wireless data traffic (Loo, Mauri and Ortiz 2016).Managing this huge
amount of data traffic becoming more and more challenging every day for the system
analysts as the number of users is gradually increasing.It is assessed that this type of problem
may be solved in the future by the implementation of the heterogeneous communication
system of the mobile networks, but for the present situation, this issue is a big concern for the
system analysts and the designers (Di Bernardo, Salvi and Santini 2015).
In the case of the distributed computer system, the scenario is totally the same. There
are various type of issues related to the distributed computer system for which the system
analyst and the designers are facing challenges to handle the system properly. One of the
major and common issue related with the distributed computer system is the scalability issue
(Dhage, Thakare and Mohod 2015). This issue arises due to the communication capacity of
the distributed network. In such of cases the current distribution network failed to meet the
required capacity of the communication channel. One of the main roles of the system analysts
or the designers is to plan the system properly, so the work process flows smoothly. While
this type of scalability issues are arising, it is becoming very much challenging for the system
analysts to accommodate this type of network issues. Another major issue with the distributed
computing system is the security related issue (Wang, Yu and Xie 2013). A distributive type
of system deals with various types of important data which must be protected properly.
Because of the huge size of the distributed network, many of the times security-related
concern arises. In such of the cases the system analysts and the designers faces problem to fix
this issue. While the size of network is growing every day, it is becoming more challenging
for the system analysts and the designers to handle this type of issues.
Critical Analysis:
According to the authors, Gaj, Jasperneite and Felser (2013) computer systems are
related to the major type of human activities, and these systems are constantly supporting
those activities. A big factor in this human activity is the communication process over a
network. This is a common activity which is done by most of the normal peoples on a regular
basis. As per the author, most of the process of communication is based on distributed
computer networks(Das 2013).The authors stated that in this type of computer network
system the main role of the humans is to act as an automation system designer, user and as a
builder.Here the system designers are the system analysts. In this type system, the main role
of handling all the user requests is done by the computer automatically(Mobedpour and Ding
2013).Here the system analysts and designers are responsible for designing the computer
program so that the computer can perform all the task automatically. The author has assessed
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