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QAC020C154S System Analysis and Design

Added on - 12 Nov 2021

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System Analysis and DesignSolution Template
Academic year and term:2017/2018 – Semester-2, Year 1
Module title:System Analysis and Design
Module code:QAC020C154S
Module Convener:Hassan Baajour
Module Tutor:
Student Id:
Deadline:07/08/18 (no later than 2pm).
Coursework 2:Review and Evaluation
Explain your role as a system analyst in the Harlow Central Dental Care Practice project.
Explain how did you use the OO approach in designing the system and clarify the benefits
of using the relevant UML diagrams in your design. Remember to address the advantages
and disadvantage of OO paradigm and give examples as appropriate and cite your work
properly. (500 words)
Role of System Analyst –
The main role of the system analyst if to identify the needs for the development of the
information system and assessment of the suitability for getting the intended outcome. A
research is made on the different software vendors and programmers for their inclusion to
eliminate the problems. The system analysts alos plays the role of change agent and identify the
improvement that can be made on the business. The system analysts also plays the role of
motivating the users and provide training to the user to use the information system efficiently.
The system analysts should be familiar with the different types of programming languages,
hardware and operating system for their involvement in the development of the software. The
system analyst uses the cost analysis method for its implimentation on the timelines and develop
the information system by reducing the errors in the system.
For designing the information system for Harlow Central Dental Care Practice the object oriented
approach is followed and it is used for the management of the behaviour of the information
system. It can be used for the imporvement of the productivity and quality of the final project. In
the analysis phase of the porject the OO approach helps in filling the gap between the different
problems for the development of the information system. It helps in creating a continous design,
maintainnace and adaptation of the information system for resolving the issues. The following the
advantages of the adoptation of the OO model for the development of the project:
It is used for facilitating the different changes that can be made at a minimal cost
It can be used for the promotion of reusing the different components that are required for
the development of the project
The problems can be simplified and different componnets can be integrated with the
modules for the developmet of a large information system.
The design of the distributed system can be simplified
The object oriented syste can be used for adding different new features in the porject and are
discussed below:
Encapsulation – It is used for hiding and combining the different process into an entity. The
security of the information system can be imporved with hiding the data of objects from the
system. It can be used for modification and imporvement without affecting the rest of the project.
Abstraction – It is used for taking necessary attributes and methods for the specification of the
object and focusing on the essential characteristics of an object that are related with the different
user perspective.
Relationships – The classes developed for the object oriented approach are related with each
other and there are different object relationships such as aggregation, association and
generalization. The aggregation is used for the demonstration of the relationship with the whole
project. Association is used for relation two different classes and perform different task acting on
one another. The generalization is used for management of the relationship with the child classes
and differentiating the parent and the child classes.
List the key lessons you learned from this project. Clarify what would you do differently if
you repeat it and how you can improve the areas which did not go well. Suggest a suitable
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