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System Analysis and DesignSolution TemplateModule title:System Analysis and DesignCoursework 2:Review and Evaluation1
Explain your role as a system analyst in context of the system youdesigned in first assignment. Explain how did you use the OO approachin designing the system and clarify the benefits of using the relevantUML diagrams in your design. Remember to address the advantagesand disadvantage of OO paradigm and give examples as appropriateand cite your work properly. (500 words)System analyst is the person who uses the analysis and designtechniques in order to solve the business problems by improving thetechnology. Being a system analyst the system design and frameworkhave been developed according to the system requirements (Panchal,and, 2018). There are variousroles of the business analystwhich includes understanding the required improvements within thesystem, designing of the system according to such requirements andtraining of the staff in order to use the features and functionalities ofthe same.Object oriented approachis used for the modelling of asoftware or application and this is basically used at the beginning of thesystem development life cycle. OO approach is the user friendly andalso it cannot understand the programming language or code toimplement such changes within the system. It either uses CBD(Component based development) or RAD (Rapid ApplicationDevelopment) approach during the development and analysis of thesystemAlso in analysis phase, Object oriented models are mainly used inorder to fill the gap which has been raised between the problem andthe solution (Kobayashi, Matsumoto and Fukushige, 2018). Thisapproach is mainly used in the designing phase in order to refine theclasses, attributes, methods and structures that are identified duringthe analysis phase, user interface, and backend data base of theLibrary system management within QAHE university. The OO approachallows the system annalist to handle all the operations and functionalityduring the development, designing and maintenance of the system inorder to offer the improved features and functionalities. Along withthis, Object oriented approach mainly focus towards the structure and,Prisyazhnyuk and Prisyazhnyuk, 2018). TheObject oriented model isbeneficialto develop the effective software in may different ways suchas:This models allows the software developer to build the extrafeatured system or implement the changes within the lower cost.This approach also allows the reuse of the components that areused earlier to develop the software.In order to configure the large Library management system withinQUHE university, OO approach helps the software developer tosimplify the problems of integrated components.As the distributed system consists of multiple features andfunctionalities in order to facilitate the library functions amongthe students of the university. Therefore the Object orientedmodel will simplify the such functionalities of the system.However this approach also consists of some negative points which2
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