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QAC020C154S System Analysis and Design

Added on - 12 Nov 2021

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System Analysis and DesignSolution Template
Academic year and term:2017/2018 – Semester-2, Year 1
Module title:System Analysis and Design
Module code:QAC020C154S
Module Convener:Hassan Baajour
Deadline:16-07-18(no later than 2pm)
Coursework 1:System Design
Use case diagram
1.1 Functional requirements
The main functional requirement identified for the development of the - Cheltenham
Football Club Information System are listed below:
To record the details of the club members in the information system such that
their data can be used for the management of the different events organized by
the football club.
To provide permission to the user to add, remove or delete user account and
manage the information of the players and the staffs
To automatically manage the renewal of the membership and eliminate the risk of
errors due to manual process.
To increase the transparency of communication and enable the user to have a
track on their activity and manage their own profile.
To generate automated notification messages if a player is unable to attend a
game and increase the efficiency of the system
To enable the managers to search relevant data and produce seasonal report for
finding the errors in the management process and rectify it for increasing the
To manage the schedule of the games and add the player details and type of
tournament for future reference
The system should also be able to record the training sessions and generate
notification for the managers to manage the training session.
1.2 use case diagram
Players over18years
Add clientDelete client recordModify client Records
User management
Managesplayer accounts
Admission fees
Registration fees
ViewAccount details
Suspend account
Search system
Record Details
Cheltenham Club Database
Player under18years
Monthly Contribution<<extend>>
2) use case diagram documentation
Primary use case 1
Use Case Title:User management
Actors:Players under 18 years, Players over 18 years, Admin and
Cheltenham Club database.
Description:The users is responsible for the management of the users
such as adding new client, modification of client records and
deleting the client records.
PreconditionThe users should have all the information available for
registering with the information system. The information
should be relevant and the system should be able to generate
automated message.
FlowThe use registers with the information system using
their name, contact details, role, date of joining,
leaving date, etc.
The Admin is responsible with adding the new player
after verification of the details provided by the user.
If the information is found that are not valid the
account is not created and the information is deleted
from the information system.
If any of the information is not provided by the user
the admin can set a reminder that notifies the user to
fill the information in order to open their account in
the information system.
If there is any changes in the information the user can
also edit the details and the account is updated after
the approval.

Primary use case 2
Use Case Title:Players Account management
Actors:Players under 18 years, Players over 18 years, Admin and
Cheltenham Club database.
Description:The manager is responsible for the management of the
accounts of the user and the admission fees, registration fees
are automatically calculated with the adding of the details of
the user. The monthly contribution of the players are recorded
and defaulters are also recorded for suspending the accounts.
PreconditionThe users should have an pre-registered user account with
the information system and provide all the necessary
information into the information system for the development
of the solution.
The user of the information system registers with all
the necessary information.
The information system categorizes the user according
to their age and sets their monthly contribution value
and creates their account.
The user is asked for the admission fees and on
successful payment the account is activated.
The monthly payment charges are displayed and a
counter starts for setting calculating the remaining
time available for the user for the renewal of the
A grace period is given to the user for the renewal and
the user needs to pay a late fine for missing the due
date of renewal
After missing the grace period the account of the user
is suspended.
The account of the user is kept for 3 months if no
subscription fees is received and after that the account
is dismissed.
Primary use case 3
Use Case Title:Suspend Account
Actors:Players under 18 years, Players over 18 years, Admin and
Cheltenham Club database.
Description:The account of the user registered with the information
system gets deactivated when it is not renewed for the one
PreconditionFor the suspension of the account the user needs to be
registered with the information system. The user needs to
have a valid account and make payment based on their
FlowThe admin of the information system manages the
accounts of the users registered with the information
A counter is set that calculates the time remaining for
the next renewal and a notification is generated for the
user and the admin for reminding the user for renewal
of the account
If the user misses the renewal time the account of the
user is suspended and the user cannot use the
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